Year in Review 2014

By | December 29, 2014

My favorite moments of 2014:


Starting the year off by driving home from a long week in Texas after my Dad’s death.Truck_Trailor_2014

Family Ski Trip with Drew’s Boy Scout Trip in Gatlinburg, TN
Day 1 & 2      Day 3 & 4
Another Scout Trip, but this time with the Cub Scout to the McWane Center in Birmingham, AL.


Church Retreat

New Driver in the house!

Alex starting playing Thunder just like his big brother.


Family date night in Atlanta.


Cub Scout Trip to Horseshoe Bend for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle at Horseshoe Bend.

Braves Game fun!

There was AU alert, which ended up causing the University to close, so Rob and I got the day off and we went up to Birmingham to watch Drew play soccer.


Life was busy in May, but I not anything really blog worthy so I starting a new series called “Life Lately.” Read the two posts from May here and here.
Memorial Day fun at the lake with our friends.


Here’s two more life lately posts that here and here.
We got Dad’s bike fixed that he gave to Drew.

Rob was given an award at work.


Our last Cub Scout Trip, which was to the mountains of North Carolina.
Day 1     Day 2     Day 3
Staycation in Atlanta over the 4th of July


The kids started their Junior and 5th grade years.

Rob and I celebrated 17 years of marriage!


Drew asked someone to homecoming.

Labor Day at the Braves

Drew went to his first homecoming dance with his new girlfriend, Caitlyn.
Homecoming 2014

Alex trained over the summer to be an Acolyte at Church.

Rob had a conference in Midtown Atlanta, so I decided to tag along.
Renaissance Atlanta Midtown


Fun time at Mr. Tony’s FarmFun time at Mr. Tony's Farm


In November, I decided to rebrand my blog, so most of my regular blogging was put on hold while I built this new blog home.
5th grade Colonial Day
Colonial Day

We had a fun time at Mr. Paul’s house visiting and 4 wheelin’.



We got a new family member, a cat, that we finally named Katniss.

Christmas flew by.Christmas 2014

WOW! So many memories made. So glad I have photos and my blog to help me remember. 🙂 Happy 2015 everybody!

Collection of End of the Year/Beginning of the Year posts

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