New Year’s Eve 2013

By | February 10, 2014

I just realized I never really finished talking about our trip back from Texas. We had flown out there with plans to visit with Dad, help him out with whatever he needed help with, and prepare the truck he was giving us and drive it back home. Well, as you know plans changed while we were in flight to DFW.

After the Memorial Service on Monday, Rob and Drew took over the task of getting the truck ready. We also decided to take the trailer that my Dad had as well. Meanwhile, I spent time helping Justin and Jason going through stuff at Dad’s house. Divvying things up, throwing things out, enjoying some laughs along the way from items/pictures we found.

I also walked around and just took pics of random things of Dad’s.
Dad's training bike

Dad's Closet

We ended up leaving late New Year’s Eve and drove until about 4 in the morning. We stopped in Meridian, MS as we decided that way we could get a little more use out of the room, by getting a late checkout, watching some bowl games, and then head home mid-afternoon.

Our chariot awaits

Hanging out on our long ride home on the jump seat

Gave up on the jump seat and went to the floor

I had been anxious about driving this truck back with my piano in the back. The story of the piano is another entry, I’ll have to share with you some day. Let’s just say I’m happy to have it in my house now! And so are the boys.

Playing the Piano

Dad’s (Short) Journey with ALS

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