All about the owner of A Camera & A Cookbook: Lysha

Welcome to A Camera & A Cookbook! I’m Lysha, pronounced Lee-sha or like Lisa with a “SH” sound in stead of “SSS” sound. (Whoa! that was the teacher in me). I used to blog over at MagnoliaMom.Com, but felt an overwhelming feeling to start anew in Fall 2014. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and so much has changed with the blogging world. I am so glad you’re here and I would love for you to hang out awhile. Be sure and say Hi and I will reciprocate if you leave your blog address.

I am a(n)…
{mom} of 2 boys
{wife} to my best friend for 23 years
{blogger} of since 2004ish
{graduate} of Richland High
{Texas Native} 1975-1996
{resident} of the city of Auburn since 1996
{graduate (’99) and employee} of Auburn University
{user} of Macs
{former elementary ed teacher}
{chef} wanna-be
{sufferer} of Fibromyalgia
{lover} of:
    ~ Facebook
    ~ chocolate
    ~ lists
    ~ Fox News
    ~ reality TV
    ~ music of all sorts
    ~ cruising
    ~ Diet Coke Unsweet Tea
    ~ sleep
    ~ margaritas

More than you ever wanted to know about me.


~Website Developer for Auburn University
~Eagle Scout
~passionate volunteer
~scout leader
~watching sports


For those of you who know me in real life may know my kids by a different name. No, they haven’t decided to go by a different name or anything like that. I choose to use nicknames on here, just because I’m paranoid.

2020-01-23 20.50.01

~Auburn University senior – Graduating 2020
~former trombone player in the Auburn University Marching band
~Baritone in AU Capella (Auburn University’s all men’s acappella singing group)
~Eagle Scout
~hanging with his girlfriend, Caitlyn
~watching baseball and movies

2020-03-11 14.37.39-1

~10th Grader at AHS
~Boy Scout (Life scout)
~video games addict


~Kayleigh (Instagram)
~barking up a tree at squirrels
~running around with a bone, a toy, a random sock she finds on the floor
~just being an all around great dog

~playing with Daisy
~chasing squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard
~running up the scratch pole and playing with the catnip rag

All the Pets (Before)