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2024::Apr 15-21

By | May 2, 2024

Week 2 after surgery… + Taking Kayleigh for walks most days + Lots of resting and watching TV. Rob worked from home till I went back to work on that Thursday. + Cooking is pretty impossible so I’ve been walking Rob through how I make stuff. I’m really learning how to communicate better with him… Read More »

2024::Apr 7-13

By | May 1, 2024

I’m baaaack!! Still typing one handed for the most part, but will be slowly trying to play catch up. Here’s my weekly highlights from surgery week. + Rob and I ate Chinese the night before my surgery and my fortune quite true! + Day of surgery (Tuesday) – it went well – i’ll write more… Read More »

Desert Trip – Day 3

By | August 8, 2023

Today I’m continuing to share about desert trip. If you missed the first few posts, check those out too (Day 0, Day 1, Day 2) And by the way, I have shared many of the latitude and longitude coordinates with links directly to that location on Google maps for anyone curious where each photo was… Read More »

Monthly Digest – April 2023

By | May 3, 2023

Here we are for another Monthly Digest. LIFE Happenings Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up. Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 & 16 Week 17 Loving Some interesting new YouTube I found recently (while sick): All very, very different, but good in their own way… Meg Hughes – college girl in Ireland Peter… Read More »

Week 17::2023

By | May 1, 2023

Happy Monday yall! Here are week 17 highlights (April 24-30, 2023). Monday Oh Monday, how I don’t want to think back to that evening. I think I’m going to write an entire post about this, because I have a lot to say. The vote didn’t go the way Rob and I wanted, which makes me… Read More »

Week 15 & 16::2023

By | April 27, 2023

Week 15 was April 10th-16th and that was the week were in the desert. I was going to do a summary post, but I haven’t been able to go through the pics… Week 16 was last week (April 17th-23rd). Here’s a quick run down of happenings there. Monday Drew dropped Bigsby off Monday morning. I… Read More »

Watching & Listening – Nov22–April23

By | April 21, 2023

Wowzas, yall! I just realized I haven’t written a Watching & Listening post since last October! Jump to: Movies  |  TV Shows  |  Podcasts  |  Music Movies & more Top Gun (rewatched) Top Gun Maverick (theater) The Weekend Away (Netflix) Not Since You (Amazon) Midnight at the Magnolia (Netflix) El Camino (Netflix) Sequel to Breaking… Read More »

Week 14::2023

By | April 19, 2023

Hey yall! Here we are for another week of highlights (April 3rd-9th, 2023). You know me…always playing catch up when it comes this place. 🙂 Thanks to those who stick around and show me some love. Tuesday I think I mentioned it in my last weekly post, but when we were in Florida, I was… Read More »

Jefferson City & St. Charles, Missouri

By | October 29, 2022

Hey yall! Here we are again for another travel post. This will be my final post for our St. Louis and beyond trip. In case you missed other posts from this trip, they’re listed here: Missouri/Kansas Trip Jefferson City, MO The sky looked crazy when we arrived at the hotel that evening. After we checked… Read More »

Topeka & Lawrence, Kansas Highlights

By | October 28, 2022

Hey yall! Here we are again for another travel post. In case you missed other posts from this trip, they’re listed here: Missouri/Kansas Trip After getting up in Kansas City, our next plan of action was to continue driving. Entering the state of Kansas Topeka, KS Our first stop was in downtown Topeka. The rotunda… Read More »