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My Cancer Scare…

By | November 4, 2016

So it doesn’t matter how many times doctors and nurses tell you something. Anytime the C word [Cancer] is involved it scares the absolute life out of you. I went for my annual gynecologist appointment back in September. The doc and I discussed my upcoming mammogram which was scheduled for mid October. Since it was… Read More »

Making Ron Famous

By | May 2, 2016

The other day after work I was out running errands for Drew’s graduation party. I hate when I have one thing to get and it seems like the simplest thing to find and you can’t find it. Well, I had decided to forget about it and go home, which I wasn’t real excited about because… Read More »

Atlanta to San Juan

By | February 16, 2016

The day we left for San Juan, we got up with the kids and saw them off to school before finishing up with our packing and running a few errands. We left around 11 and headed up to Rob’s Mom’s house where we would pick up Rob’s brother, Nick, who was driving us to the… Read More »

Memories of the Month {9.2015}

By | October 8, 2015

Y’all I’m a bit aggravated. Fall is always a busy time in my household, but this year has been craaaaa-zy! I’m just trying to keep my head above water. October is here and September was a breeze compared to how busy I am now. Planning Drew’s Eagle Court of Honor, taking pictures for Auburn Thunder… Read More »

18 years, What?

By | August 30, 2015

Today is Rob and my 18th wedding anniversary! Every year I’m amazed at how quickly time is flying by and it is just incredible. No one realized how life and in turn marriage changes through the years. To commemorate this milestone, we’re exchanging copper anniversary gifts, symbolizing durability and strength, much like our relationship. Rob… Read More »

Liebster Award

By | March 25, 2014

A fellow ALWB blogger, Carol, has nominated me for The Liebster Award. Thanks so much, Carol! Now I get to answer the 11 questions, she asked. So here goes… 1. Are you a cat or dog person? I am a dog person, no doubt. I don’t mind cats except that they jump up on everything… Read More »

1 Month and No Diet Coke

By | June 5, 2013

One month ago today, I quit Diet Coke and really all sodas for that matter. I went cold turkey from May 5th on. Before that I was weaning myself off, but I knew the caffeine headaches would be brutal. They still were for about 2 1/2 weeks after I quit. Someday I satiated the headaches… Read More »

Aerosmith & Cheap Trick

By | July 28, 2012

Thursday, Rob, Drew, 2 other friends of ours, and I went to Atlanta to see Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. Aerosmith’s plays list could have been better, but over all great concert. Pictures courtesy of wjactv.com & creativeloafing.com Aerosmith’s Playlist: Draw the Line Love in an Elevator Same Old Song and Dance Livin’ on the Edge… Read More »