Everything you Need to know about Gambling on a Cruise

By | December 30, 2014

Welcome to another Cruising 101!

Cruising 101::Everything you Need to know about Gambling on a Cruise

Gambling, in general, is something I’m not really interested in. I’ve only gambled once on a cruise and it was done at the slot machines. Rob and I sat down, said we’d try with $10, and would quit after that; win or lose. I don’t enjoy flushing my money down the drain, so gambling is not my thing. If you enjoy playing the tables or perhaps sitting at the slots, my recommendation would be to have a limit, while if you’re more into computer games there are also great options for you like World of Warcraft, as you can go to sites like outlookindia.com to get gold for this game as well. This is something I would say regardless of whether you’re on a cruise or not. The casinos are one area where the cruise lines make a ton of money! Best Online Slot Sites in Indonesia are worth a try.

With that being said, remember that gambling is a form of entertainment. I even heard about this 겜블시티 라이브카지노 that offer various online live casino games. But one should not go into the casino on a cruise ship and expect to become a rich. I recommend setting a limit and sticking to it. Have fun and don’t expect much in return. You can check out the blog Happiness is a Gamble to get tips and roll your dice effectively.

Cruising 101:Everything you Need to know about Gambling on a Cruise

Cruise ship casinos close while you’re in port.
Cruise ships do not keep their casinos open while in port, because the cruise companies don’t want to compete with the port city. Your cruise director will recommend that cruisers disembark and patronize the local stores, restaurants, and casinos from this list provided by NBC12.

If you want to spend a good amount of time gambling at 해외배팅사이트 during your cruise vacation, you should book a cruise with more days at sea. There are a couple exceptions to this in Bermuda (open 9pm-5am) and Nassau (open 7pm-3am.)

You have to be 18 to go into the casino.

Cruise ship casinos are open in international waters. Once the cruise ship is 3 nautical miles from shore, they are able to open.

Gambling on a cruise ship is not the same as gambling on land. The atmosphere of the casino has a different feel. Many of the people in the cruise ship casino are beginners just like most people playing in this online casino real money. Cruise ship casinos have no competition, so they don’t have to worry about you getting up and going down the street to another one, like on land.

You won’t see anyone walking around handing out free drinks either. The IgnitionCasino is what one can trust when it comes to online gambling as their casino games are trustworthy and fun.

Smoking is allowed in casinos on ships that allow smoking.

Disney cruise lines do not have casinos on board. Who has time for gambling when you’re hanging with Mickey, right? You can play grand rush online anytime anyway.

Another form of gambling on a cruise is in the form of a Bingo game. Bingo and satta king games are usually played in between activities in the lounges on a cruise. They offer a variety of different options throughout the cruise trying to keep it interesting. Usually you win cash, but they often do one game of Bingo where you can win a cruise. Rob and I usually play 1 or 2 games of Bingo on each cruise. On our last cruise, we won $150 or something like that.

Cruising 101:Everything you Need to know about Gambling on a Cruise

If you’ve cruised before, did you go hang out in the casino? Did you come away a winner?

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