18 years, What?

By | August 30, 2015

Today is Rob and my 18th wedding anniversary! Every year I’m amazed at how quickly time is flying by and it is just incredible. No one realized how life and in turn marriage changes through the years. To commemorate this milestone, we’re exchanging copper anniversary gifts, symbolizing durability and strength, much like our relationship.

Rob and Me on New Year's Eve Day 2014 in Key West FloridaRob and Me on New Year’s Eve Day 2014 in Key West Florida
When we first got married we enjoyed date nights with deep conversations, staying up late working on little projects around the house, jumping in the car for an impromptu jaunt to where ever our hearts desired, and lots and lots of studying because we were still in college.

Then, with kids conversations became quick and concerning logistics of life, sleeping in was no more, jumping in the car was planned and deliberate to get kids here and there, and car trips became filled with family discussions and bickering siblings in the back seat. Traveling shifted to planned out and family centered. Evenings filled with soccer practices, band concerts, and helping kids with homework and projects became the norm.

Now with a senior and 6th grader life continues to evolve. Pressures of life are changing as we look at Drew who’s looking toward high school graduation and plans to start college this time next fall. Life adjustments with Alex who is in middle school and dealing with all the ups and downs that come with being pre-teen.

Regardless of what we’re doing or how our life transitions, I’m glad to be doing life with you, Rob! Happy anniversary!

Rob and Me at the Auburn Opelika Game August 28, 2015Our selfie, Rob, before the big rivalry game, Auburn Vs. Opelika, this past Friday night.

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