Memories of the Month {8.2015}

By | August 31, 2015

Memories of the Month - Here's a great idea for wrapping up the month with a set of questions to remember how your last month with.  I love going back and reading through what happened throughout the years.

This month I was happy about: getting to go to 2 weddings.

This year I’m going to rate the books & movies. Here’s my rating system:
♥ ♥ = Love it! A must read/see!
♥ = Really good! Highly recommend.
✓ ✓ = Good, not great
✓ = Not much to talk about
X = Awful. Total waste of time

Movies I watched were:
Rudy ✓ ✓
Leap Year ♥
Take Me Home ♥
You’re Not You ♥
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 ✓ ✓

TV Shows I watched were:
Parenthood (Re-watching with Rob – Season 1 Neftlix)
The West Wing (Season 1 – Netflix)
Blue Bloods (Season 1 – Netflix)
So You Think You Can Dance
America’s Got Talent
Bachelor in Paradise
Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day
The Pioneer Woman

My favorite song this month was: well I didn’t really have a favorite.

What I remember about work was: getting back into the swing of things with Fall semester starting and having Drew’s girlfriend, Caitlyn, as part of the circulation team.

A lesson I learned this month was: that the customer isn’t always right.

A friend and I: were too busy with school starting and all that goes with that.

My favorite pic that I took was: from before the Saturday game at our home tourney: Thunder Road.

The favorite thing I cooked was: One Pot Tamale PieOne-Pot Tamale Pie

Drew was busy with:
–a full weekend during the Thunder Road classic soccer tourney.
–marching band practice, school, scouts, and hanging with Caitlyn.

–got contacts.
–wanted to quit playing Auburn Thunder before the season even started. We got him through it.
–happy to have played well at 1st soccer tourney.
–has had a fairly easy adjustment to middle school. Thank goodness!
–passed his first board of review as a Boy Scout for Tenderfoot.

Rob was:
–busy a full weekend during the Thunder Road classic soccer tourney.
–busy lots of extra scout meetings.

The thing I’ll remember most from this month was: school starting and my denial that I have a senior and a 6th grade middle schooler.

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