June To Do List

By | June 9, 2017

June To Do List
So lately, well really for a long long time, it seems I’ve been all about travel here on the blog. I love sharing our travels with you but those posts take so long. I take way too many pictures, which have to be edited. Then, I have to gather info and write. Ugh, I get exhausted just thinking about it.

However, I really want to share more of me and more of what’s going on in my life and in my head. There’s been a few really inspiring posts lately of folks that shared their June Goals or To Do Lists and I thought that would be fun.

Writing down my goals/to do list helps motivate and inspire me to do more. There’s just something about marking things off my list that gets me giddy. So here’s my list of to do for June. I tried not include the more mundane activities like mopping the kitchen. 🙂

–Learn more about air plants and possibly get some
–Visit, photograph, and blog a local cemetery
–Go to the thrift store
–Go on a hike
–Finish writing about West Coast Trip and post
–Redo the landing page for the West Coast Trip
–Edit pictures and write post for Spring Training 2017 and post
–Get a penpal and write a letter
–Watch 5 Lynda videos/Other webinars
–Edit pictures and write post for 2 Colorado trip posts and post
–Write 2 posts about me and or my life
–Read 3+ cookbooks and write an informational post about them
–Quit procrastinating and get a Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera
–Go swimming
–Create at least 2 Instagram flatlays and post (Follow me on Instagram!)
–Do something I’ve never done before
–Get back on the healthy eating plan

So what are your plans for this month?

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