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I hadn’t thought of you today…

By | December 26, 2020

Frank Zappa…a name I heard as Rob read from book that he got for Christmas. As he read he said the name “Frank Zappa”…in my head “Dad loved the Zappa family and their music.” Then I remembered what today was… 2013 the family and I were in the air on an airplane. You can read… Read More »

letter to dad #1

By | August 30, 2014

Dear Dad, Dad, I know you’re watching from Heavens above. That brings me comfort. Today I am home by myself getting some work done, 80’s music blaring in the back ground. You know 80’s music is by far my favorite music of all time. Now that you’re gone, though, sometimes it’s hard to listen to… Read More »

6 Months….

By | June 26, 2014

I’m sure I depressed everyone with my posts about my Dad over Father’s Day Weekend. However, today marks 6 months since he’s been gone. My brother’s post on Facebook saying, “Wow six months,” I replied: “Ugh. Hits ya in the gut. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, but others seems like he’s been gone forever. However,… Read More »

Remembering Dad Today…

By | June 15, 2014

I’m just not even sure how or where to start with this post. The past few days I’ve been in anticipating Father’s Day rolling around and have been seriously dreading it! It’s not surprising that “Father’s Day” takes on a new definition when your Dad dies. My definition of Father’s Day now includes a tug… Read More »

More thoughts…and pics of Dad

By | March 18, 2014

I received my Dad’s ashes a couple of weeks ago. I’m thankful to have them in my possession now. So I’ve started to casually look at the costs of going down to the Florida Keys, where he wanted to be spread. I am thankful to have one loose end taken care of and I hope… Read More »

Tiffany & Dad

By | March 5, 2014

I am really missing my Dad lately. I was excited to get some pics that my cousin, Tiffany, took in December on a couple different occasions. Here’s one from December 14, 2013 of my Dad and Tiffany. I just look at this picture and I just still can’t fathom that he is gone. His body… Read More »

Dad Remembered

By | February 17, 2014

This was in an email that was sent out by the Race Across America (RAAM). My Dad loved RAAM and enjoyed being a part of this huge race for so many years. He gave so much of his time to this cause. Glad they put a blurb in the newsletter last month remembering him. I… Read More »

6 weeks later…

By | February 11, 2014

Two weeks ago, when we were at our church’s retreat, I finally began to grieve. It slapped me right in the face as I sat there Saturday night, listening to Olu Brown recount the story of him dealing with the loss of his Dad. There were many similarities in our stories, but it wouldn’t have… Read More »

New Year’s Eve 2013

By | February 10, 2014

I just realized I never really finished talking about our trip back from Texas. We had flown out there with plans to visit with Dad, help him out with whatever he needed help with, and prepare the truck he was giving us and drive it back home. Well, as you know plans changed while we… Read More »

After Christmas (part 2)

By | January 6, 2014

If you missed my first post about the day after Christmas, you can read it here. So Thursday afternoon was filled with calling my brother to tell him that Dad was gone. Going to Dad’s house to clean up some and then talking with family about details with Dad. My brother got into town in… Read More »

The Day after Christmas

By | January 3, 2014

The day after Christmas the family and I got up early and headed to the airport. I’ve been dreading this trip since a couple weeks ago when we planned it. When Rob and I were visiting my Dad last month, he had us test drive his 1991 Ford Ranger truck. When we got back from… Read More »

Emergency trip to Texas

By | November 28, 2013

Saturday morning Rob and I got up early, dropped Drew off for his hiking trip, and got to the Atlanta airport. Everything went really smoothly, parking the car, checking our luggage, going through security, so we had time to grab some breakfast. We decided crepes at Freshens. Really yummy! We flew Spirit Airlines out of… Read More »

The saddest post I’ve ever had to write

By | November 22, 2013

I am not ready to say goodbye! God, it’s too early. I’m too young! He’s too young! These are just some of the things running through my head the other night after getting the news that took my breath away. Hearing my Dad try and ease the blow, finally saying he’s got ALS, Lou Gehrig’s… Read More »