letter to dad #1

By | August 30, 2014


Dear Dad,

Dad, I know you’re watching from Heavens above. That brings me comfort. Today I am home by myself getting some work done, 80’s music blaring in the back ground. You know 80’s music is by far my favorite music of all time. Now that you’re gone, though, sometimes it’s hard to listen to certain songs without just tearing up. And well sometimes just absolutely breaking down into tears like today. Memories of spending weekends with you, running errands, watching you talk on your bag phone back when having a bag phone was cool. I mean a “cell” phone in the 80’s? You were so cool! Especially to me.

Hanging out in the back of Wolfe camera. I don’t even remember exactly, did you work there or was it just Uncle Mike? Or do I have that memory all screwed up in my head. What I do know though is we spent a lot of time there. If only I was into cameras back then like I am now, right? I would have been in camera heaven! I know you were. Back then you photographed weddings for a little money on the side. You also photographed beautiful models as a freelance photographer.

I remember your diet back then consisted of a big ole plop of refried beans on a tortilla and sometimes if you had a little extra cash, you put a chunk of velveeta cheese on there. It wasn’t my favorite thing to eat, but I loved sitting on the floor with you talking about whatever. Heck, you were newly divorced and now a ‘bachelor’ again and furniture was not something you wanted to spend your money on. I suppose. I can still picture that apartment like it was yesterday.

You did have that really cool water bed that you made yourself. I remember sneaking in there with you sometimes in the middle of the night.

Dang Dad. I miss you so much. It’s just crazy how these memories…things i hadn’t thought about in years just flow back and cause me to cry like a big ole baby. But I am so thankful everyday for the memories because that’s what carries me through not having you around any more.

Missing you more than words could ever describe,

Dad’s (Short) Journey with ALS

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