Week 13::2023

By | April 6, 2023

We left that Sunday to go down Florida to help Rob’s family in his grandparents house. With our jobs if the death in the family is so many miles away you get extra days of bereavement leave. We got 5 days off and ended up using all of it. Here’s some highlights from the week.

Since we were down in Florida and needed to do something besides go through stuff and pack, we took Monday to drive over to Dunedin for the last spring training game of the year there. Dunedin is our favorite Spring Training town. It was Rob, me, Rob’s mom and step dad and his brother that went to the game.

2023-03-27 09.52.29
2023-03-27 09.57.43
We ate at my favorite restaurant there, Crown & Bull.

2023-03-27 11.03.45
I had been dealing with stomach issues since Saturday, but was just trying to tough through it. I probably didn’t make the wisest decision when I got a beer at the game. It was so hot and I ended up getting super nauseated. Went to the bathroom and vomited and ended up just sitting in the shade near the bathroom for the last couple innings.

2023-03-27 11.50.46
I felt better after the game and was ready for some ice cream at Strachan’s.

2023-03-27 10.04.13
2023-03-27 15.33.51
We stopped at Chili’s for dinner and afterwards, headed back to the house and packed the china that we were bringing home.


2023-03-28 12.25.59

Hotels were outrageously priced in that area, so we ended up staying at an AirBnB just a mile or so from Gramma’s house. Wednesday was the last day, so we packed our things and headed to get a uhaul trailer and then back over to the house to load it and head home.

2023-03-29 08.39.03
2023-03-29 09.39.21
We stopped in Thomasville, GA for a late lunch. We all had the shrimp and fish (striped pangasius fillet) platter at Rock Bottom Seafood & Grill. Amazing!

2023-03-29 14.10.34

When we got home, we had a huge project ahead of us. Not only did we have to make room for the dining room set and the china cabinet, we also decided that since we would have to move all the furniture out of the room that it was the best time to fix a subfloor issue in that front room.

That night the room went from this…

2023-03-29 18.23.14
To this…

2023-03-29 21.17.38

Then this… Here’s Rob and Drew pulling up the old nails, for a section and half of the floor.

2023-03-29 22.23.16
Here’s the floor ready to be replaced the next day. As you can see there on the right, Rob ended up falling through the really weak section when pulling up the big section there. Luckily, he was ok.

2023-03-29 22.52.44
Thursday morning, Rob and his brother Nick cut out the smaller bad section and started working on measuring and measuring how to replace it. They are thinking of having underfloor insulation to improve the indoor temperature.

2023-03-30 11.02.38
Here’s the finished project they were able to get done before dinner time.

2023-03-30 17.24.05
The next morning the carpet installers came out to re-install the carpet.

2023-03-31 10.43.53
Then, it was time to unload the trailer.

2023-03-31 10.52.59

So after lots of hard work. The front room went from this:


To this…We now have Rob’s grandparents’ dining room table, chairs, china cabinet, and china.


We had our first meal at the dining room table for Sunday lunch with Rob’s mom and brother.

2023-04-02 12.28.48
We had low carb/gluten free Poppy Seed Chicken with a cauliflower rice (or pasta for those not worried about carbs/gluten).

2023-04-02 12.37.44

Sunday afternoon, I attended a bridal shower.

2023-04-02 15.32.51

When I got back from the shower, Rob was raking the yard, so I changed my clothes and went out to help. We got it all piled up and looks so much better.

2023-04-02 16.30.34
2023-04-03 16.29.57

3 thoughts on “Week 13::2023

  1. Joanne

    That sounds like a busy week but your “new” dining room looks so lovely! I also love that you tried it out right away with a big family dinner.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    I’m sorry for your loss. What a whirlwind trip. Found myself holding my breath as I read. I am sure you guys were exhausted and then had to come home to fix a flooring issue before you could get everything arranged in the house. It all fit very well and left room for your piano!! We really need to use our dining room table more. I have gotten very lazy at holidays lately and we wind up eating in the kitchen.

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