Desert Trip – Day 0

By | June 17, 2023

Now that I’m done recapping our cruise, I’m going to jump into our most recent big trip. On Easter Sunday, we went to church and then had lunch at our house, before jumping in the car and heading to the airport. Travel days I often label Day “0” in case you’re wondering.

Phoenix here we come!


We were late taking off because of maintenance issues on the original plane, but the sunset I got to witness made up for it!


The plane wasn’t very full, which was nice. Rob and I had a seat between us as the rows sandwiching our weren’t full either.


We saw this as we drove to find a place to eat.



It was a bit of a struggle as we got there just when most restaurants were closing, but we knew we needed to eat something. We found Hanny’s which is a really unique restaurant that is inside an old department store. Hence, this really interesting display.


Rob got the Grilled Italian Steak sandwich.>


I had the Teriyaki Chicken Salad, which had lots of very bold flavors (red onion, bleu cheese dressing, gorgonzola) that I ended up not loving together. Still really fresh. High quality ingredients.

hotel. The jet lag was brutal…

3 thoughts on “Desert Trip – Day 0

  1. Joanne

    I find that I don’t like lots of bold flavors in my salads either— that sounds like it might have been perfect with either the blue cheese dressing or the cheese taken out of it. I like the idea of counting travel days as 0 since they do usually feel like a bit of a waste as far as actual vacation time goes.

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