Watching & Listening – Mar/Apr 24

By | June 5, 2024

Still playing catch up. Here’s my Watching & Listening post for March and April 2024!

Watching & Listening – Mar/Apr 24

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Irish WishIrish Wish


The HillThe Hill

Irish WishA Mile In His Shoes

BenchwarmersYour Place or Mine

Irish Wish – Cute rom-com with Lindsay Lohan, but the premise was a bit annoying.
Benchwarmers – Baseball movie – Hated this, but Rob loved it.
The Hill – Baseball movie with Dennis Quaid – Loved it – tear jerker.

A Mile in His Shoes – Baseball movie – true story – loved it!
Your Place or Mine – Super cute rom-com with Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher about best friends and complete opposites swap homes for a week.

TV Shows

New Shows This Month

Masters of the AirMasters of the Air
(Apple TV+)

The ResidentThe Resident


Masters of the Air shares the stories of World War II from the 100th Bomb crew. The cinematography is spectacular and I’m really enjoying the character story line. Intense is a word that describes the action of this show that feels very much like a movie.

The Resident – Netflix kept suggesting I watch this, so I finally gave it try in March. I almost turned in off during the 1st episode because it just seemed over the top, but I kept watching and I’m so glad I did. I am still watching it and will be so sad when it’s over.

Park’d – Rob has wanted to watch this show that is on Fox about National Parks. I will say I have been completely underwhelmed by the filming, editing, and overall production of this show. I watch YouTube that is 100% better than this show.



The Bible RecapThe Bible Recap

Still listening to The Bible Recap and reading through the bible along with it this year.





App I use to keep up with all the TV/Movies I watch:
TV Time app – I believe you have to have an account to see mine.

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  1. Joanne

    I really enjoyed Your Place or Mine. That is to bad about Park’d; it has the premise to be a great show. The national parks are so pretty.


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