Week 15 & 16::2023

By | April 27, 2023

Week 15 was April 10th-16th and that was the week were in the desert. I was going to do a summary post, but I haven’t been able to go through the pics…

Week 16 was last week (April 17th-23rd). Here’s a quick run down of happenings there.

Drew dropped Bigsby off Monday morning. I had taken the day off because that was the day we got back from our trip at 8:30am and I knew I would need sleep. I pulled out the big red bed for him to lay on. Instead he rolls up into a little wad to lay in the little bed. So funny!

2023-04-17 16.27.26

Tuesday and Wednesday were just days of playing catch up at work and at home. Unpacking and putting stuff back where it goes, folding/hanging clothes, and trying to find normalcy after vacay.

When I pulled into my parking space, I saw a random orange scooter someone had left on the edge of the sidewalk. When I looked a little closer, I saw someone else who was thrown off by the orange scooter as well. A squirrel was standing there checking it out. It was the cutest little interaction I’ve seen in a long time. He would stretch up tall and look up at it, like “what is this?” Love these little moments. I got this picture before he got spooked and ran off.

2023-04-20 06.57.18

Since getting back from our desert trip, I decided I needed to try and use stuff out of the fridge and freezer. You know kind of a ‘clean out’? I made this chicken using several items that needed to be used before they went bad. It was really good. Might post the recipe.

2023-04-20 19.19.08

I mean, this never gets old seeing what position she is in in the mornings when I get up. I love it when she doesn’t even budge, she’s so comfy.

2023-04-21 06.53.36

Can’t believe its time for another commencement ceremony here next week.

2023-04-21 12.01.19

Saturday I worked on the back deck to clean and get the containers cleaned out so I could plant most of my seedlings, except for peppers and a couple others.

2023-04-20 17.08.37

Before – this doesnt show you the piles and piles of leaves that ended up coming off this deck.

2023-04-22 09.17.30


2023-04-23 14.17.14

Already had a Zinnia bloom under the grow lights.

2023-04-22 09.22.54

My home office hasn’t recovered from the wedding and all the furniture and stuff we moved from upstairs after getting Rob’s grandmother’s table and china cabinet.

2023-04-23 14.33.11

It has been driving me nuts, so I got in here Sunday and got it much better. Here it is after. Still not how I want it, but at least I can walk in the room and use the desk.

2023-04-23 15.35.01

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  1. Joanne

    I’d be interested in that chicken recipe! How cute to see the squirrel checking out the scooter.


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