2024::Apr 15-21

By | May 2, 2024


Week 2 after surgery…
+ Taking Kayleigh for walks most days

+ Lots of resting and watching TV. Rob worked from home till I went back to work on that Thursday.

+ Cooking is pretty impossible so I’ve been walking Rob through how I make stuff. I’m really learning how to communicate better with him through all of this.

+ Chicken ceasar salad from Staks. Lunch with ny daughter-in-law.

+ back to work for 2 days that week.

+ Dinner at Mizu Ramen in Auburn

2 thoughts on “2024::Apr 15-21

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Be careful taking sweet pup for walks. All the dogs I ever had could pull me over. Imagine she is a gentle soul and would never do that. But then again you never know.
    I am not sure I could talk PC through cooking an entire meal. He used to cook when he was a single dad but has had ‘memory loss’ – ha – and can’t remember how to cook or even where our kitchen is.

  2. Joanne

    Oh boy I think if we had to rely on my husband to cook all our meals we’d starve! He’s fantastic on the grill and smoker but quickly get overwhelmed by having to prepare more than one thing. It sounds like you have a wonderful helper there though and I’m sure together you’ll muddle through.


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