2024::Apr 8-14

By | May 1, 2024


I’m baaaack!! Still typing one handed for the most part, but will be slowly trying to play catch up. Here’s my weekly highlights from surgery week.

+ Rob and I ate Chinese the night before my surgery and my fortune quite true!

+ Day of surgery (Tuesday) – it went well – I’ll write more when i can type better with both hands

+ Thursday – Got to take bandages off and got a shower! 100% could not have done all this without Rob.

+ Friday – Rob and i went to the baseball game vs kentucky (2 pics)

+ Dinner – several friends brought meals for us and it was so nice that Rob didn’t have to cook.

+ Sunday – Rob took me fore a drive. We went over to Pine Mountain for some gorgeous views.

3 thoughts on “2024::Apr 8-14

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Not sure what prompted your surgery but glad to see you on the other side of it and recovering. Typing one-handed is an agonizingly slow process so take your time, heal and then get back to us. Glad for your shower and your husband’s help. He’s a keeper.

  2. Joanne

    So glad that all went well with your surgery and hoping you have an uneventful recovery period now. I am sure it is very slow going typing with one hand but I applaud your effort!


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