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A Guide To The Best Coffee

By | January 31, 2020

There’s no denying that coffee is something many people enjoy drinking first thing in the morning. Coffee helps us to wake up properly and prepare our minds and bodies for the day’s proceedings. Image Source</font size> The thing is, some folks aren’t that well versed at choosing the best coffee for their tastes or lifestyles.… Read More »

How to Have a Great Time in Vegas

By | January 28, 2020

Photo: Pixabay</font size=1> Nestled in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is world-renowned for its hotels, casino, and nightlife. However, there’s more to Vegas than meets the eye. With endless attractions, world-class restaurants and iconic shows on offer, there really is something for everyone. If you’re heading to Las Vegas for the first time, you’ll want… Read More »

Remembering Daisy

By | January 8, 2020

On Jan. 2nd, we had to take Daisy in. Let me back up since I don’t think I’ve been able to tell you that in early December, we had to take her in because she had been limping and it was getting worse. They did x-rays and determined it could be extremely bad Osteoporosis in… Read More »