Happy New Year everyone! Honestly I wanted to come into this year with a great plan for this home away from home, but I haven’t. I don’t have a plan. I’m just going to keep holding on by a thread, because the next few months at work are huge and I’m absolutely slammed. I’m not going to bore you with all those details. However, I may do that later. 😉 So anyway, regardless of how much I’m able to post this year, I vow to not leave this place. I’ll post when I can and that’s my plan!

So anyway, here’s my 1st Currently post for 2020!
/resolving/ I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Like I said earlier, work this year or least through May, is going to be a major priority. For my family I feel like this last year, I’ve done a good job of being present. I want to continue to do that.

/reading/ I have a goal of reading 12 books (not including cookbooks because I read a bunch of those every year.) I’m currently reading Then She Was Gone. I’m about half way done. I can’t seem to read it fast enough. Dying to know how it resolves!

We keep our Christmas decorations up through Epiphany. Since we were so late getting our decorations up this year, I’m happy to still have the lights and tree up to enjoy a few more days.

I am currently working on several blog posts that I hope to finish up before going back to work on Jan. 6th. Not sure I’ll finish, but should have them pretty close to being ready to post in the next couple of weeks or so.

Lots of planning on going on for work. We’re doing 2 trainings in January for our students. I have about 60 students who work for me and we’re doing some remedial training for them (half & half) over 2 Saturdays this month. That’s taking a lot of my energy and time this next week for sure.

Please join along with the Currently posts at Anne in Residence. For February we’re going to posting about what we’re loving, embracing, tasting, wearing, and preparing.