Remembering Daisy

By | January 8, 2020

Remembering Daisy

On Jan. 2nd, we had to take Daisy in. Let me back up since I don’t think I’ve been able to tell you that in early December, we had to take her in because she had been limping and it was getting worse. They did x-rays and determined it could be extremely bad Osteoporosis in both hips and back knees or bone cancer. We had 2 different types of meds that ended up having to give her daily because she just looked miserable too much.

We were happy to have her with us for another Christmas, because she loved it. She could not wait to open presents once we sat down on the floor in front of all the presents. She not only ripped into the present, but she proceeded to rip open the plastic bag that the treats were in even though the bag was open.

Back to Jan. 2nd. New Year’s Eve Day is the day Daisy started having trouble using the bathroom, so we gave it a couple days and it didn’t get better. She quit eating and wouldn’t even take her pill with peanut butter. So we spent Jan. 2nd, loving her and talking to her and hugging her. It was just the saddest time. Rob and I brought her in and stayed with her through the sedation and continued to talk to her and love on her and then we left.

And now, we have a huge hole in our hearts. It so lonely we come home and are no longer greeted by Daisy who welcomed us every time. Even if I went outside to do something and come back in just a few minutes later. She would still greet me and act like she had been waiting hours for me to get home.

Rob told me as we stood there with her that he didn’t want to wait to get a dog. He said when he comes home in a bad mood or when he feels like he can’t do anything right, she is always there to greet hime and love him no matter what. His ’emotional support’ that no human can give. So we’re on the hunt for another Corgi. We don’t want a puppy really. That’s just too much work that we don’t to have to deal with. I’ll keep you updated, of course.

Here is what I wrote on FB to let people know.
We had to say goodbye to the best dog on the planet today, Daisy. She was truly a gift from God. I posted an album of a sampling of pics I took of Daisy over the last 9 years. She was our comforter, our adventurer, our laughter. She always wanted to be right in the middle of everything, no matter what we were doing. Not sure we’ll ever find a dog who loved Christmas and opening her (and everyone else’s) presents. I’m so glad she made it through this Christmas and enjoyed it. She loved hiking, going for car rides, chewing bones, running through the creek, playing chase through the house, barking and bossing us all around. As you can see from the Daisy album, she was so easy and put up with so much of our shenanigans. After all the boys were 13 & 7 when we got her. Ugh! She just loved life and she made us love life even more. Please pray for us because y’all, this one hurts!

Remembering DaisyThis pic is a couple days after we got her in Jan. 2011 and then, on Christmas 2019.

Because I know I think I’ll remember, but I know as time goes on I will forget, I’m going to list things about Daisy.
-Nicknames: “D,” Girlfriend, Daisy Duke
she was an unexpected gift from strangers
another post not long after we got her
-hated the camera/iPhone
-loved chewing bones
-loved being chased around the house or racing Rob up the stairs
-playing hide and seek with us in the house
-going to the creek
-would kiss (touch) noses with Katniss
-Katniss and Daisy cohabitated so well
-when it was time to go to bed she would often start off by laying by my side of the bed. then eventually move to her bed, where she would lay on her back all sprawled out
-laid with her legs out, like a frog
-she hated having her nails cut, so after trying it the first time when you nearly bit Rob and he was ready to get rid of you right then, we decided that we would have the vet do that
-she was so overweight when we got her, so we took her for lots of walks and fed her like we’ve fed all of our other dogs. Once a day in the evening. Didn’t give her the bones that her previous owners had sent with you. We got her the bigger bones that she had to work at to eat.
-she hated when we gave her baths, but loved running around afterwards trying to dry off
-loved going for car rides
-see more posts where I mention Daisy

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  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, my, Lysha, this is such a beautiful tribute. I am going to pin this post because it is the perfect way to honor a beloved pet. Thank you for staying with Daisy as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know you will be reunited one day.

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