3 Vacations For Your Family This Year

By | January 23, 2020

If you are anything like us, now that we are in a new year, our thoughts are turning to our next vacation. We are daydreaming about sunny days, new adventures and a whole lot of family time. No doubt you are keen to make some amazing family memories this year, but if you are not too sure where to go, let us inspire you today as we share 3 vacations for your family. We would go on all three if we could!

3 Vacations For Your Family This Year

Go for that magical trip
Could this one be the ultimate in family vacations? That magical world, the home of the mouse? Maybe this is the year that Disney World beckons!

Disney World is made up of four different theme parks and two water parks. This in addition to several resorts, shops, entertainment and other activities. You could play a round of mini-golf, go horse riding, take in the NBA experience and go to the cinema, all without leaving Disney property and all without even entering a theme park.

Disney World has more than enough to offer to keep your family busy and entertained for a week if not longer. You could stay onsite and never leave the Disney, or you could go for a villa or hotel in the Orlando area and get out and explore. Remember that a vacation in Florida does not all have to be about the theme parks.

Try a cruise
Cruises are a brilliant way for you to see part of the world as a family. They transport you to a wonderful variety of destinations, while sailing on a ship.

Cruise ships are designed to keep the whole family happy and entertained throughout your vacation. There are plenty of onboard activities that you can enjoy, along with a range of restaurants to try.

Then there are those days when you get to dock and explore the local area, which could be anywhere from Alaska to Cozumel depending on where you depart from and what type of cruise experience your wanting.

Have an adventure
If your children are older like mine, then maybe this is the right time to book an adventure. This is the kind of vacation that none of you will ever forget. The kind that you are still talking about for years to come.

Think about the things that interest you and your kids. If they are interested in the environment and wildlife, then maybe Borneo Eco Tours would appeal to you, or if they are all adrenaline junkies, you might want to raft the Grand Canyon or surf in Sri Lanka. There are so many different types of adventure vacations that you could opt for, so get the family involved in choosing that amazing trip.

The fun thing about adventure vacations is that they often require you to learn a new sport or hobby to really make the most of them. From rock climbing practice to skiing lessons you are not only learning something new, you’re (hopefully) enjoying doing it together, making memories for a lifetime.

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  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    So both daughters and their families have been to Disney in the last year. I want a magical vacation, too!! Haven’t been to Disney since the early ’70s when it first opened. I am thinking a lot has changed. Have wanted to go on a cruise forever. And an adventure would be terrific too. Actually, at this point, an overnight staycation would work.


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