If you get the opportunity to travel for a more extended amount of time, it can be genuinely fantastic. In fact, it can give you the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture or do volunteer or charity work. Of course, before you say your goodbyes and leave your regular life behind, there are a few things you will need to get sorted first. Read on to find out what they are.

Someone to take care of your home & pets
First of all, if you are going on an extended trip overseas, you need to arrange for someone to look after your home and pets. Of course, for those on shorter stays, a pet sitter can do both, but when you are away for months at a time, this may not be a practical option.

In fact, it can often work better to ask a friend or relative to take in your pets for the time you will be away. Then you know that they will be taken care of and in safe hands.
Extended Travel Essentials (To Get Sorted Before You Depart) Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0

It’s also a smart idea to ask the neighbors to keep an eye on your property as well. You can even give them a spare key and ask them to pop in from time to time and turn lights on and off and open and close the curtains. Something that can make it look like your home is occupied even while you are away, and so help to increase security.

Funds for your trip
Money matters when you are traveling to, and therefore is another vital thing to sort before you set off is how you will fund your trip. Traditionally this used to be a matter of saving as much as possible to survive on while you travel. Perhaps while also picking up the odd bar job here and there?

However, the digital revolution has changed all this, and many people are choosing to continue working full time during their trip in a digital nomad capacity. Something that allows them to earn a decent wage and pursue their career while also seeing the world.

Of course, it is straightforward to do this now because all most people need is a laptop and wifi connection. Something that will enable them to get online to pick up work and send in completed tasks.

You can even use services like physicaladdress.com that will pick up, scan, and email your IRL mail while you are away. Something that can make running your own business as a digital nomad much more of a viable option too.

Ways to stay safe
Finally, before you depart, you must establish some strategies for staying safe on your travels. Something you can read about at www.cnbc.com. Of course, that isn’t to say that you need to walk around in fear all the time and make sure you are tucked up in bed by 9pm every night.

Just be sure to be sensible, and if you are heading out with people you’ve never met before, agree to check in on social media with a friend at a specific time. Then they can raise the alarm in the unlikely event it is necessary.