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Snow Days 2018

By | January 19, 2018

We got word around 10am on Tuesday that there would be no school for Alex the next day. Rob, Drew, and I didn’t hear about our work and school until right after I left work that evening about 4:45pm. We figured it was coming, just a matter of getting the alert. Wednesday morning we woke… Read More »

Our Kitchen Progress

By | December 15, 2012

For the past few months I’ve eluded to the fact that we’ve had issues in our kitchen. I haven’t wanted to talk about it, because it’s really consumed so much of Rob and I. We’ve never made a homeowners claim before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. At first we weren’t even sure… Read More »

We bought a house!!

By | April 27, 2007

Finally! We bought a house this week. Well, we signed a contract and came to terms with the sellers. We’re set to have our closing May 15th, back to back with the sell of our house. We’re moving in the weekend before that if all goes as planned. We’re in a mad rush packing, cleaning,… Read More »