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Christmas Eve 2008

By | December 30, 2008

Every Christmas Eve, I let the boys open one present each. Drew always knows what it is, but never says it out loud until he opens it. It’s always a Christmas-y set of pajamas. This year these pajamas proved to be quite a conundrum for me. I was happy to find Alex’s PJs early in… Read More »

Christmas 2008

By | December 27, 2008

So Christmas was good. Lots of family, fun, and food! And just so I can look back and remember, here’s what I got: A fondue set with some chocolate chips so I can use it soon! Nice warm house shoes from Old Navy New robe and PJ’s Some wall hangings, I’ll take pictures soon! A… Read More »

Last night

By | December 9, 2008

Last night I had a photo job at Lambda Chi during their Christmas party. Yes, compute that in your head…me…at a frat party! I will have to say it was GREAT! I had a blast. Yah, getting paid to take pictures is fun, but listening to the music (which rocked by the way), watching them… Read More »