Part 1 Kitchen Renovations: New Appliances

By | May 5, 2009

Over at Kelly’s Blog she’s doing a weekly post to share different rooms of her house. I know other’s have done the Home Tours post, which I’ve wanted to do. We’ve been in this house 2 years come May 15th and we knew when we bought it there was a lot we wanted to do with the home. It had some updates that we really like and a few additions also. The first thing we knew we would have to conquer was the kitchen. I believe at some point the kitchen was redone, but it’s very 70’s feeling and just ick! Summer 2007, right after we moved in we replaced most of the appliances.

Here’s pictures of the original appliances and their replacements. No matter what your household appliance repair needs are, Davis appliance repair services is always here to help! If there are some issues with the washer or for washing machine repair check Baltimore Appliance Repair where you can get the problem fixed. However, if an appliance is unrepairable, then you may consider bringing it to a commercial recycling containers in your area so that it can be recycled properly.

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I think this old oven did a better job of heating the room rather than the food that we put in it! I LOVE my new oven. It’s great not have to bend over to check the food, etc. So thanks to Appliance Hunter!

Old & New Oven
1960’s stovetop – All the burners were so crooked and straightening them just made them worse. Everything cooked uneven and I had to worry about stuff boiling over on the one side. I wanted to get new electric hobs for my renovated kitchen. Replace your AC capacitor at the first sign of trouble to keep costs low, check out the cost to replace ac capacitor.

Old & New Stovetop

New dishwasher is so quiet and has a timer, which is great. Load the dishwasher after dinner and set it to wash in the middle of the night so they’re clean the next morning! If you have an old fridge and it’s in need of repair, then you can look into refrigerator parts like Hussmann case parts if needed.

Coming up next…Part 2 Kitchen Renovations: Cabinets

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