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Countdown Meme!

By | November 7, 2005

Found this at A Real Live Woman 🙂 Feel free to pass it on. 10 Favorites Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Sport: Baseball Favorite Time: When I’m not working Favorite Color: blue Favorite Actor: Josh Duhamel Favorite Actress: Not sure Favorite Ice Cream: Turtle Favorite Food: Mexican Favorite Drink: Diet coke Favorite Place: Bed 9 Currents… Read More »


By | November 3, 2005

Rob left this morning 5 am to go to Atlanta for business. So I got up after he left and got some stuff done around the house. I had to get to work later than normal because I had to get Drew on the bus and then take Alex to daycare. I got my hair… Read More »

Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

By | November 2, 2005

Drew has a paint set with all sorts of paint, paint brushes, paint sponges, and an apron. Undoubtedly, this was a gift from a loving grandparent :-). He painted with it tonight. I helped him clean it up, but I know I will be seeing colors for weeks everywhere! My house can now be called… Read More »

ABC’s of Me…

By | October 20, 2005

Saw this on Paige’s blog! Felt like doing a meme! Act your age? I think so. Born on what day of the week? I think Friday. Chore you hate? Mopping. Dad’s name? Kent Essential makeup item? eye liner Favorite actor? Tom Hanks Gold or silver? Silver Hometown? Fort Worth, Tx Instruments you play? Used to… Read More »


By | October 19, 2005

Alex is growing a vocabulary slowly but surely! He says “uh-oh!” and it is so cute. Also when I change his diaper I always say “Eyew, stinky” and I wave my hand in front of my face. So now he says, ” Oooooo, tinkty” and waves his hand. It is so funny! I need a… Read More »