Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta

By | November 6, 2005

Friday night after dropping the kids off at the in-laws’, Rob took me to the very charming Dante’s Down the Hatch. They are a fondue restaurant that has a setting created to look like a ship tied to a wharf. You pay more to be on the ship, because that’s where you hear and see the live jazz. Rob had reservations to be on the ship, which was really nice and romantic. We had a one sided booth that looked over the ship. The inside of the restuarant is just amazing. There is water under the ship and that’s the home of several crocodiles that are Dante’s pets.
Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta - Dante's Down the Hatch

Here’s the old car in front of the restaurant

Then, we headed back to our bed and breakfast, the Ansley Inn. It was a quite an enchanting and homey feeling environment.
Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta - AnsleyInn

Saturday we walked over to Piedmont park and walked around enjoying the cool weather and all the fall colors.

Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta

Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta

Then, we headed over to Lennox Square Mall and ate lunch. We traveled by MARTA. Then, Saturday evening we went to see Riverdance, which you can read about here.

Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta

After leaving The Fox, we walked over to The Varsity for a late night dose of indigestion.

Sunday we went to Margaret Mitchell’s House and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta - Margaret Mitchell House

Weekend in Midtown, Atlanta - Atlanta Botanical Gardens

See more pics here.

The weekend was wonderful. Thanks, Rob!

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  1. Lisanne

    Haven’t I seen that restaurant featured on the Food TV Network? It really rings a bell, and I *think* that I remember seeing the inside of it and thinking, “Wow, cool!” Glad you had a good time. Sounds fantastic!

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