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Countdown Meme!

By | November 7, 2005

Found this at A Real Live Woman 🙂 Feel free to pass it on. 10 Favorites Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Sport: Baseball Favorite Time: When I’m not working Favorite Color: blue Favorite Actor: Josh Duhamel Favorite Actress: Not sure Favorite Ice Cream: Turtle Favorite Food: Mexican Favorite Drink: Diet coke Favorite Place: Bed 9 Currents… Read More »


By | November 3, 2005

Rob left this morning 5 am to go to Atlanta for business. So I got up after he left and got some stuff done around the house. I had to get to work later than normal because I had to get Drew on the bus and then take Alex to daycare. I got my hair… Read More »

Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

By | November 2, 2005

Drew has a paint set with all sorts of paint, paint brushes, paint sponges, and an apron. Undoubtedly, this was a gift from a loving grandparent :-). He painted with it tonight. I helped him clean it up, but I know I will be seeing colors for weeks everywhere! My house can now be called… Read More »