I’m so tired. Today was a productive day! Yes, I say that with excitement because this week I’ve done pretty much…nothing. So today I had to get up early and take Drew to the dentist. He HATES going to the dentist, but he survived it and had NO cavities! Yay! They did say in 6 months when we go back they’ll probably have to pull some teeth, because he has lots of crowding going on. He will need braces regardless, but the pulling of teeth will help “cut the cost” when it does come time. The cost of braces will be coming straight out of OUR pockets so I’ll do whatever to help the cost go down.

After that I came back and laid down. I knew we were having company from Atlanta, but I was thinking it would be afternoon. They called at 9:45 and said they’d be here in 30 minutes! OH MY GAWH!! My house is not ready! Hello? Don’t you know this? haha…so we started racing around trying to tidy up, since that’s really all we had time to do. They got here and we chatted for awhile and then went to lunch.

After they left and I started cleaning. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more organized, so I started a little early! I organized my desk and next to my desk. Then, I organized Alex’s closet and some of the book shelves upstairs. And now, I’m just pooped! I found that when I do a lot (like today), it really takes a toll on my neck. The meds from the doctor have helped my neck a lot, but when I clean for an extended period, it makes it hurt bad.

I’m supposed to go to my first PT session tomorrow with a new PT, so we’ll see how that goes!