Monthly Digest – May 2023

By | June 8, 2023

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Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up.
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These Jalapeno Stuffed Olives. They have these at Walmart.

2023-05-29 18.15.05

Happy I got a lot accomplished these last couple weeks while Rob was out of town.

Excited Rob is coming home soon after being gone for 2 weeks.

Reminiscing A coworker was talking about his camping trip coming up in the Pensacola area and reminded me of our trip 2013 to Pensacola, FL with the cub scouts.


Social had dinner with my friend Rebecca at Hamilton’s in Ogletree.

Work Memories Got word that one of my employee’s is leaving, so that’s a total bummer.

Lesson Learned Uhh…It has been a learning process to visit churches and continue to go to the new church that is being formed out of our church on Sunday evenings. It has been interesting to see how different churches can be, yet similar in other ways.

Current Project I finished selling all the wedding stuff we didn’t wish to keep anymore, so that’s a wonderful feeling. I also cleaned and organized our playroom. It is still a storage area, but I made room for some of Alex’s stuff that he didn’t want in his room while he stays here for a couple months. We also go Alex’s room cleared of all the stuff we were storing in there. Our house is still in a huge transition time and I’m not sure when it will be settled for good.

Drew – Not sure of anything new with Drew. He & Caitlyn are just working and living the dream.

Alex had a 10 month lease, so he moved back in for a couple months. He went on a mission trip to New Orleans, so that’s cool. Proud of him for getting out of his comfort zone.

Rob is feeling somewhat better after having the epidural in his neck. Not sure if he’ll go back for another one in a couple weeks. It does take time to have full effect. So glad he was able to have that done before being in Texas for two weeks.

Most remembered I don’t think I’ve ever been away from Rob for more than a week at time since we’ve been together. He comes back to today!! Also a new niece and nephew in the same week!

Wearing Layers because this May has been wild. Really cool mornings and even some afternoons never got above 75 degrees, which is just crazy!

This Weekend Rob will be back so I’m not sure what he’s going to feel like doing have driving home today. I know we will go visit another church on Sunday.

Looking Forward to Next Month
In June, I’m hoping to make a trip to Texas to see my sister and her hubby and of course, my new niece.


Eating Lots of ‘sheet’ meals

2023-05-22 19.02.01

And healthy PBBs

2023-05-29 12.26.31

This was the meal at the wedding and it was yum!

2023-06-03 18.06.38

These low carb casserole are also a go to for Sunday lunch with the fam

2023-05-21 12.24.35

Favorite The Enrichitos are my fav!

2023-05-29 20.27.43


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately. Here’s my most recent YouTube post >>> YouTube May 2023

Watching & Listening Post

Favorite Pic Such a pretty flower that I grew from seed

2023-05-11 16.42.42

Look back at last month.


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Digest – May 2023

  1. Leslie Clingan

    Glad your hubs is home. Hoping PC will be released tomorrow. And then we need to just take it easy at home until he’s 110% again.

    I have been spring cleaning so I can kind of relate to having things moved from here to there. We had a yard sale last weekend then loaded all the leftover STUFF and took it to Goodwill.

    What a darling ‘striped’ flower. Looks like it was painted that way.

    Off to see what you are watching. We need some suggestions.

  2. Tanya

    I can relate to having a house in transition! We have just moved, and the kids have their rooms set up. But we also have a “staging area” in the dining room for things they are taking back to college in August.

    1. Lysha Post author

      Oh I can’t imagine moving right now. You’re new house is gorgeous though.


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