Week 20::2023

By | May 23, 2023

Here’s last week’s Weekly highlights (May 15th-21st, 2023)…

To sum up this week, we got a new niece and new nephew in 1 week, just a few days a part. I’ll talk more about that below.

Here’s my little sister with her baby and her hubby. Her baby was born a month early, but is doing well!

2023-05-16 10.12.41

She’s so little!

2023-05-16 23.17.10

Drew and Caitlyn came over and brought my mother’s day gift, which is this gorgeous plant and pot.

2023-05-17 17.01.46

That same afternoon, an architect friend of ours came over to look at our deck and draw up a plan for a rebuild of it. Our current deck has become very unsafe.

My niece got released from the NICU and got to go home! Can’t wait to get to Texas to see this little one.

2023-05-18 18.27.34

I mean is it even a weekly post with out a Kayleigh sprawling pic? LOL

2023-05-19 22.33.46

Noticed this cool mushroom on my way out to the car that morning.

2023-05-19 06.31.31

Went to the baseball game. I got to see the eagle fly. It only the 2nd time in Auburn history for it to fly at a baseball game.

2023-05-19 17.12.34

Rob’s sister had another baby, a boy. She’s in town, so we’ll get to see this little guy soon!


1st church visit – Trinity Methodist in Opelika

2023-05-21 11.24.45

That evening we also attended the new church that’s be formed out of our old church. Mixed feelings about this one at this point.
2023-05-21 16.43.57

Pretty exciting week with a new niece/nephew!

3 thoughts on “Week 20::2023

  1. Joanne

    Aw, so many cute and tiny and adorable new little babies!! That’s exciting.

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