Cub Scout Beach Trip 2013::Pensacola, FL

By | June 26, 2013

This past weekend was the Annual Cub Scout Pack Summer trip, but instead of venturing to higher ground, we braved the heat at the beach. Yes, we camped near the beach in Pensacola, Florida. Many leaders suggest it every year and every year a few other leaders are quick to nicks the idea. However, this year we thought we’d give it a turn.

We stayed at Big Lagoon State Park, which was quite large with lots of camping areas. (Wikipedia)


After Breakfast of egg, sausage, & potato scramble, we had a quick FYI meeting and a group picture.

The braves souls that beat the heat!

Rob, Alex, and I decided to wait and go the beach later. We first wanted to take a hike around Big Lagoon.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 028

Alex loved the place, because there were shells that lined every pathway.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 003

Group area campfire circle
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 007

Alex noticed this really interesting web
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 018

Lots of different types of vegetation
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 029

Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 032

The park had a couple different playgrounds
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 042

Green swamp
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 047

Good thing to know…
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 062

Rob on top of the observation tower, which had a lovely breeze.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 108

After we hiked over the East part of the park, we went back, gathered up our stuff, and lunch. We drove over to the west side. From there it was time to head to the beach, where we brought lunch for everyone.

Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 126

We stayed at the beach for several hours and then went back to camp. That evening we were treated to a low country shrimp boil. Yummy! Everyone gathered around the camp fire after dinner, to tell ghost stories, while munching on Jiffy Pop and smores. We had dessert too, which consisted of dutch oven peach cobbler.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 198

Sunday morning we had a great start to the day with a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, followed by a flag ceremony and a short chapel service.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 205

Alex reading scripture during the chapel service.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 206

Then, it was time to clean and break down camp. Always the sad part of the trip. Alex had been begging us to go back to the beach for more fun, so we decided to head back after getting everything put away.

We stayed for a couple hours and let Alex play with one of his friends.
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 222

We stopped for lunch at the Sunset Grille
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 225

The Sunset Grilled is located on the water at Holiday Harbor Marina. It’s an open air restaurant, that allows boaters to dock their boat and eat. Nice views!
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 229

Seafood Gumbo – pretty good
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 230

Seafood Chowder – amazing!
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 231

My blackened popcorn shrimp po-boy – so yummy!
Pack29SummerTripToBigLagoonStatePark - 232

See more pics here.

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