Carnival Glory:Day 12:Nassau

By | June 7, 2023

Today I’m posting about our day in Nassau during the 2nd half of our back to back cruise on the Carnival Glory. This was our 4th time in Nassau (June 2003 / October 2003 / 2008)

We had purchased an excursion, but it didn’t start till later in the day, so we decided to get off the ship and walk around since we had a few hours.

Walking around
View of the ships as we walked away from them (our ship is behind the Carnival Dream).

We knew we wanted to walk over to the Queen’s Staircase often referred to as the 66 steps. Its a well known landmark located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex. The solid limestone rock walls were cut by slaves in the 1790s! These steps were later named in honor of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Fort Fincastle was constructed of cut limestone around 1793 and strategically placed upon Bennet’s Hill to protect historic Nassau town and its harbor.

Be forewarned when you’re up near the fort, there are areas where locals have tailgate tents set up to sell stuff. I don’t remember them being too pushy. They just greeted us, but didn’t beg us to come look.

This is the view from the fort ground level.

From there we walked back downtown, I was starting to feel super nauseous. I hadn’t eaten anything, so I don’t recommend walking and then climbing the 66 stairs before having any food or drink. We made it downtown and ended up getting a breakfast sandwich at Subway. We walked around a bit more and then headed back to the ship to get ready for the excursion.

Here’s a few of my favorite spots near downtown.

When we got back on the ship, we got to hear and see some of the crew practicing emergency drill. This isn’t that great of a shot, but it shows the crew in their life jackets as part of the drill.

The Carnival Dream who was parked next to us was also practicing. We’ve never seen the boats dropped to the water like this.

We also saw them driving them around in the area between ships.

Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter Excursion
We met in the theater. Then, we walked out to a long line off the ship, where we waited to get a time ticket. That time was for when we were to report to the dolphin encounter area. We were also given our tickets to get our lunch. Many of us were complaining about how inefficient this process was, and that there is a 100 ways they could do it better. But it is what it is, so you just have to deal with it. Then, everyone loaded into a boat with several 100 people and they brought us to the island called Blue Lagoon.

We found some chairs on the beach and then, went over to the pavilion to get our lunch.

Here’s a couple more pics after lunch.

When it was time for our dolphin encounter we gathered up all our stuff and brought it over to the dolphin area, because we were the last group.

They take pictures and video of the time you’re in the water with the dolphins that you can purchase once you’re done. They email you a file of everything you purchase later that day.

After the encounter and the time inside purchasing photos/video, we got a few more pictures and then made our way back to the boat.

I got these shots of Atlantis on the way back to our ship.

Back on the ship
When we got back to our cabin, we were greeted by this little dude.

We also got a drink and watched us sail away for the last time on this cruise.

Have you ever been to Nassau or done an dolphin encounter?

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3 thoughts on “Carnival Glory:Day 12:Nassau

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    I am living vicariously through your cruise adventures and the adventures of a friend currently cruising in Alaska. Beautiful photos. Sounds like a pleasant day except the lines.

  2. Joanne

    We went to Nassau on our honeymoon and I remember eating conch chowder at a little out of the way restaurant and my husband making me promise to get him back to the ship if he were to have any sort of allergic reaction. LOL It was delicious!


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