“Cliched” Travel Experiences that are Worth the Hype

By | June 8, 2023

Travel cliches often get a bad reputation, frequently labeled as overdone or prosaic. However, they are popular for a reason, offering unique experiences that are quintessential to a location’s essence. While discovering hidden gems, like when you get to Travel in Croatia, can provide a sense of accomplishment and exclusivity, indulging in cliched experiences can lead to some of the most enjoyable moments during your travels. It’s all about finding a balance, interspersing the offbeat with the iconic. Let’s delve into some cliched travel experiences that are truly worth the hype.

Indulging in a touristic dining experience
A significant part of your Europe or Asia trip is about gastronomical exploration. Elevating a simple meal into an extraordinary experience is an integral part of the journey. Whether it’s munching on a juicy cheesesteak from a food cart in Philadelphia, savoring a fluffy crepe in a quaint Parisian café, or sipping post-dinner drinks in an enchanting restaurant like the Balcon Rooftop Bar while looking over Park Avenue, these dining experiences can become the highlights of your trip.

Experiencing thrill on the edge
Adrenaline-fueled adventures have become a crucial part of the travel checklist for many thrill-seekers. From the world’s steepest rollercoaster at Fuji-Q amusement park in Japan, braving a bungee jump at New Zealand’s Nevis Swing, to the heart-stopping, harnessed Edgewalk at Toronto’s CN Tower, these daredevil experiences are indeed cliches. Yet, the adrenaline rush they provide is undeniably unique and exhilarating and will make for some stunning memories.

Reveling in festivals and parades
While local festivals and parades might not offer the most authentic experience of a city, they surely bring a vibrant and vivacious aspect of the local culture to the forefront. Be it the serene Cherry Blossom festival in Tokyo, the riotously colorful Rio de Janeiro carnival, the mesmerizing floating lanterns in Vietnam’s Hoi An, or the lively St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, these events are perfect for capturing unforgettable holiday pictures and indulging in the local festive fervor.

Embarking on a Christmas voyage
The thought of Christmas often evokes images of New York, its twinkling lights and bustling markets immortalized in countless films. However, if the Big Apple seems too cliched, why not explore the magical Christmas markets of Europe? The festive stalls of Koln, Germany are a treat, while Scandinavian countries like Sweden offer a different charm with their traditional markets in places like Gavle. While there, don’t forget to check out the town’s famous goat sculpture, Gavlebocken, with its intriguing history.

In conclusion, cliched travel experiences might seem too mainstream or ordinary. Still, they often provide some of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of a holiday. So the next time you embark on a journey, embrace the cliches, and you might just discover an experience that will remain etched in your memory forever.

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  1. Missy

    Having seen the floating lanterns in Hoi An and the cherry blossom festivals in South Korea, while cliche, I can say they’re absolutely worth it!


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