Watching on YouTube (May 23)

By | May 26, 2023

Today I’m sharing some of the YouTube highlights from this month.

Channels I might be adding to my watch list:
Meg Hughes [62.5K subscribers – 142 videos] – lifestyle – a 22 year old Irish girl, who just graduated from college and shares interesting videos about her life.

Taylor Bell [320K subscribers – 67 videos] – lifestyle – A 20 something California girl navigating life in New York City. Just discovered her, but she seems to be quirky and fun.

Do It On a Dime [2.23M subscribers – 955 videos] – lifestyle – Kathryn is on a mission to lead a beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. She shares so many great tips that I have found super helpful.

Becki & Chris [363K subscribers – 413 videos] – lifestyle – We’re Becki and Chris, two Newfoundlanders living in Buffalo, NY. We post videos on Sundays about all the stuff we’re into including home design, helicopters, travel, photography, and film making!

Becca ‘Little Skittle’ [12.7K subscribers – 150 videos] – hiking – a solo thru hiking the Appalachian Trail

Journey to the Destination [5.46K subscribers – 156 videos] – hiking – a young girl solo thru hiking the Appalachian Trail

Peter Santenello [1.67M subscribers – 321 videos] – interesting hot topics? – videos about a world the media fails to capture

The Pethericks [278K subscribers – 389 videos] – renovations – family renovating an 18th Century Convent!!

Off the Ranch [4.28M subscribers – 971 videos] – renovations – an interesting channel where a couple has crazy ideas like renovating an unfinished, abandoned mansion, and now just bought an abandoned resort…an other shenanigans.

Favorite Videos
Kara and Nate are always doing cool things. Check this video out about them living on floating islands in Lake Titicaca.

I watched this back in April, but I never shared it as a favorite and it is so good IMO.

Really interesting ideas of how to use napkin holders from the Dollar Tree

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5 thoughts on “Watching on YouTube (May 23)

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    So many clever ways to use a NAPKIN HOLDER!! Who knew? I would enjoy following the gal in the van, too. Love daydreaming about camping. I was listening to pod casts for a bit and then started using all my listening time for books. Need to get back to podcasts again.

    1. Lysha Post author

      YouTube is really an endless resource and time suck, but I enjoy the escape at times. Yes, Podcasts are another great resource. Many YouTubers do both.

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