Memories of the Month {5.2021}

By | June 7, 2021

Memories of the Month - Here's a great idea for wrapping up the month with a set of questions to remember how your last month with.  I love going back and reading through what happened throughout the years.

This month I was happy about: my hip pain is better. Hoping it stays that way.

Here’s my rating system for entertainment:
♥ ♥ = Love it! A must read/see!
♥ = Really good! Highly recommend.
✓ ✓ = Good, not great
✓ = Not much to talk about
X = Awful. Total waste of time

Movies I watched were:
no movies

TV Shows I watched were:
Good Girls (NBC App) Season 4 ✓
For Life (ABC App) Season 2 ✓
Ginny & Georgia (Netflix) ✓ ✓ – Finished Season 1
This is Us (NBC App) ♥ ♥
New Amsterdam (NBC App) Season 3 ♥ ♥
Dead to Me (Netflix) ✓ – Trying to finish Season 2
Lots of YouTube

Rob and I watched:
A Million Little Things ♥ ♥
The Good Doctor ♥ ♥
Blue Bloods ♥ ♥
MacGyver ✓
SWAT ♥ ♥
Young Sheldon ♥ ♥
The Equalizer ♥

Things I read: Nothing

Podcasts I listened to:
Counterclock – Season 3 – ♥ – Really drug on, but was interesting.
Daily Boost – ♥
Dr. Death Season 2 – ♥

My favorite song this month was:
I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz of all sorts at work to block out all the chatter.

What I remember about work was: Back in the office full time. Adjusting pretty well. I think I’ve got a great new group of new hires for the most part. Had to hire one more after the initial group of 10. She will train early-mid June.

A friend and I: met up some others from our Cookbook Club, which was really nice.

My favorite pic that I took was:

2021-05-08 13.21.47

The favorite thing I cooked was: meh. I didn’t cook anything that great that I can remember.

Drew: started an internship at Auburn Network for the summer.

Alex: is struggling.

Rob was: busy supporting his D group guys during their graduation month.

The thing I’ll remember most from this month was: being able to go to Memorial Day Weekend!

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Look back at last month.


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