Week 18 [2021]

By | May 13, 2021

Week 18 was May 3-9, 2021. Another week of being in the office. I’m not missing being at home as much. Honestly too busy to have much time to ponder on it. 🙂 Here’s a few highlights from the week.

Muddy girl! This girl loves to dig and stick her nose down the chipmunk holes.

2021-05-05 18.24.22
She is so funny. She won’t look at me because she knows I’m not happy with her.

2021-05-05 18.24.16
I’ve been wanting some new t-shirts. I think mainly working from home for the last year, I’ve been wearing mostly tshirts everyday. I have gotten tired of the same tshirts over and over. I found this cute, simple tshirt. It comes in tons of colors, but I loved this color. Not a color I see too often and don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe.

Photo May 04, 3 48 38 PM
Buster came over and kept jumping up on the hearth for some reason.

2021-05-08 13.35.18
Saturday, Rob left out early that morning for a training he had to go to. I got up decently early and went to Lowe’s for some vinyl fencing and some flowers to decorate our outdoor seating area. I ended up getting an indoor plant as well (Mother’s Day gift to myself.) I need to tidy up the back of my car!

2021-05-08 10.31.38
Some of the potted flowers.

2021-05-09 12.22.10
I got creative and paired 2 things in one pot. My friend, Claire, would be so proud.

2021-05-09 12.21.55

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day we went to church and then came home. I did online Sunday School and Alex followed Rob’s instructions to set the table. Rob got home after the 11:00 service and started on lunch. Since we weren’t sure how many family members were going to show up making a pasta seemed to be the best plan of action and it was delicious.

Alex made the salad and bread sticks, as well as grating the Pecorino Romano.

I was so hungry, I forgot to take a picture of my Mother’s Day lunch. However, I did get a pic of my dessert.

2021-05-09 13.32.27
After lunch, I was anxious to change out of my dress, so I grabbed the kids and we got a couple pics.

-2021-05-09 13.50.04ee2
Other than those, I did a terrible job of getting pictures. I wished I would have taken pics of all of us gathered around our new table. We just sat there after lunch and talked. We didn’t all fit around the table so there was a group sitting outside. Thank goodness for a beautiful day.

Rob’s Mom and brother stayed until after 10pm. We were enjoying sitting outside and chatting. I’m loving these times when life seems back to normal.

2021-05-09 19.38.38
Drew brought me roses, which was a lovely surprise and Caitlyn gave me a candle and a gratitude journal. Such sweet tokens of love.

2021-05-10 19.55.26

4 thoughts on “Week 18 [2021]

  1. Tanya

    I love the new tshirt! I just bought a few new shirts from jane.com since that is what I wear all summer. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Joanne

    Your flowers looks so pretty around your seating area and it sounds like you had a really wonderful mother’s day!

  3. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Been out of the iSpy loop but going to put together a post this minute with pics. Glad you were well loved and celebrated for Mother’s Day. What a delicious looking dessert. And thoughtful gifts.

    You sure have some cute pups. Muddy paws and all. They look very low to the ground so I am surprised they aren’t muddy from one end of their under carriage to the other.

    Well done on mixing the plants in the planters. Looks lovely.

  4. Natasha

    Your Mother’s Day flowers are gorgeous! And I love the planters you made as well as the new t-shirt. I want some fun new t-shirts!


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