Memorial Day Weekend 2021

By | June 3, 2021

We were so happy to be able to go to the lake this year for Memorial Day. We raced out to lake trying to beat the rain. We camp out at the lake so we were anxious to get everything set up. We ended up getting the big tent up just enough so we could stand under it before it started really pouring down. The rain let off enough so we could get our sleeping tent set up, and we knew there were holes in the rainfly. We usually get so lucky with rain so we’ve never had the reality set in that we would have puddles in the tent. That first night when I got in, I took several of the beach towels and dried everything off as best I could. Rob pillow was a sponge. Luckily our friends who’s house in on the property loaned us some blankets and pillows. I completely forgot my pillows! I did a terrible job packing for the weekend! Anyway, that evening we saw this rainbow.

2021-05-28 19.36.04

This weekend in general just felt off. It was chili to the point the kids didn’t get in the water much and Rob and I didn’t get in the water at all! It was also weird because it did rain, which I don’t think its ever done.

2021-05-29 10.39.41

Here’s some of the kids in the water. They said the water was warmer than the air.

Swimming (Cold air - Warm water)

My crew

2021-05-29 15.28.10

The kids still love playing in the yard.

2021-05-30 09.49.45

2021-05-30 09.31.06

Sunday we went to Chuck’s Marina for lunch, such a beautiful location.

2021-05-30 12.54.08

Alex and Drew about to tube.

2021-05-30 16.06.23

We brought Kayleigh to the lake and she loved every minute of it. From running round in the open field to the boat ride to chasing bugs and just being with her people, she had the time of her life!

2021-05-29 16.50.48

2021-05-31 06.55.59

We made Jambalaya for dinner Sunday night and it was so good!

2021-05-30 18.40.23

2015: Water Skiing

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  2. Joanne

    We had a cold and rainy memorial day weekend too (and by cold I mean we turned on the heat and were wearing sweatshirts!).

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