Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2021

By | December 31, 2021

So I did this post back in 2011 and I also did it last year! I love writing posts like this at the end of each year. It gives me the opportunity to go through and think about the last year.

I got the idea from Ashley’s blog, which is no longer updated. See the bottom of the post for the ‘rules.’

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2021

1. Me!


A work selfie

2. I Love You

2021-04-04 16.12.28e

This is a picture from Easter with the peeps that I love so much.

3. Still Laughing… Kayleigh got a barcode on her back which was kind of funny.

2021-04-30 18.02.37

4. Winter Wonderland


We didn’t have too much of a winter here, but I thought about when we were at SeaWorld and the wintery Penguin exhibit that was a cold spot for sure!


5. Birthday

2021-09-30 20.23.39ec

I turned 46 this year…

6. Friends

2021-05-29 07.38.32

Fun with one of our favorite families at the lake for Memorial Day weekend

7. I Was Inspired…

2021-07-31 18.20.57

I needed cooking inspiration so I ordered a few weeks of Blue Apron. Here’s one set of ingredients for one of the meals.

2021-07-31 19.11.45

8. Spring Fever

2021-02-20 09.55.10

Snapped a shot of these at a box store back in February when I was already getting anxious about spring!

9. Travel(s)

2021-02-26 03.40.03

Drew and Rob – 1st flight of the famiy since COVID


Spring Break trip



4th of July trip to Ellijay, GA

10. Summer Days
2021-06-18 13.13.29

This summer of course was filled with days at work. Here’s a few from the parking deck near my building.

2021-07-17 11.41.40

This summer I had another garden. This year I planted a lot more cherry tomato varieties and less slicers. I planted less pepper plants and the ones I had did not do great because of pest pressure. I’ve already called a pest control arkansas service to help me with this, but I feel like I also didn’t do as great, because I didn’t stay on top of watering. I planted okra, but didn’t get many. Still fun to try and the flowers they produce are gorgeous.

11. A Day In My Life

2021-06-18 18.47.59

A day in my life usually includes handing out with Rob and Kayleigh. Kayleigh invites herself on to the couch and Rob promptly tells her to get down because she sheds a lot.

12. All Smiles

2021-07-05 18.08.07

Rob’s Mom and Step Dad with all their grand kids.

13. Autumn Harvest

2021-10-14 17.59.42

My peppers struggled this year because of bugs, but I was happy to have these ready to harvest in mid-October!

14. Family


15. Celebrate! So proud of Drew’s girlfriend, Caitlyn, for graduating with her masters!

16. Let’s Do It Again…

2021-10-30 19.14.39

Our football season wasn’t great, but it had it’s good moments. I enjoyed beating the Ole Miss!

17. I Miss You


Rob’s Gramma passed away this year. Here’s a pic from a few years ago. She loved her great grand kids!

Here’s what I wrote about her on FB:
We lost Rob’s gramma at the end of last week. She had such unconditional love and support for all of us. Rob and I used to travel up to Snellville, GA just to hang out with her. After Andrew was born she was the first person we allowed to babysit him while Rob and I went to see the movie The Titanic. She’s also the person who kept him when my grandfather passed away and we had to travel to Texas and then flew to Oregon for my graduation trip that was planned months before. I trusted her with my first born for those 2 weeks bc I knew would take care of him probably better than I could. ☺️ She always jumped at the chance to watch our kids. She never made us feel guilty for wanting time away whether it be to go to a concert or to on a cruise. She saw the value in having time together to put our marriage first. She also loved her 1st two great grandkids BIG!

I always loved just sitting with her and chatting. She was so interested in knowing how I was doing and what was going on in my life. Most people don’t take the time to really listen. She did. I will miss those conversations.
While we morn this loss, we are thankful for the time we had with her and knowing she’s pain free.

I am a better person for knowing you, Gramma! 💕


We had a memorial service for her in July and this is the pic of our family afterwards.

18. Beautiful


Family is beautiful, even with all the ups and downs.

19. Dress Up

2021-07-19 18.25.33

Drew doesn’t really have to dress up that much, but now that he’s got a big boy job using his major he dresses nicer than tshirts and shorts. So proud of all that he accomplished this year. He even got an unexpected promotion already!

20. Macro

2021-05-07 18.46.02

I love the shot of this Cosmo in my garden.

21. Holidays

2021-12-08 12.51.18

Rob and I get 2 weeks off at Christmas, just like Alex does and we love this holiday season and time off work.

22. My Favorite

2021-08-01 17.50.50

Zinnias are my favorite. They are beautiful even with imperfections.

23. Don’t Ever Change

2021-12-14 00.00.55

This never gets old, seeing Kayleigh lay on her back like she’s a human.

24. Just Because…

2021-11-07 13.18.36

I mean how cute is my niece on her 1st birthday?!?!

25. Hopes and Dreams

2021-05-10 19.56.06

This has really been a very difficult year for me and my family. My hopes and dreams are for peace, harmony, love, and forgiveness. I hope that for you too.


If you made it here to the end of the post, you rock!

I would love for you to join with me by doing this post. If you do please share it below in the comments! Happy New Year!

Here’s the ‘rules’ of this post from Ashley: The beauty of Memories, Dreams and Reflections is that you don’t really have to photograph anything new, but share photos you’ve taken all year long. Want to join along? Here’s how:

1. Go through your 2021 archives and select photos that represent each prompt (or take a few new photos).
2. Feel free to write as much or as little about each prompt as you’d like.
3. Feel free to post more than one picture for each prompt if you think it’s necessary. If you don’t have a picture to represent the prompt, skip it…participate as much or as little as you’d like.
4. If you use any photos that are not your own, please provide a source.
5. Have fun!

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  1. Natasha

    I really love this post. I may have to do it for myself although I’d have to wait until next week. I’m so sorry that 2021 was so rough for all of you and I hope 2022 is so much better.


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