Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

By | January 2, 2012

1. Me!
In 2011, I was proud to finally get a job, that I love. Going from a temp employee to part of the full time staff is great. You already know everyone. You know how to do the job. It only gets better from here!

2. I Love You
Toomer's after the BIG win!
I love my boys and Daisy. I also love the background in this photo: Auburn, Toomer’s Oaks, and the tradition being illustrated here.

3. Still Laughing…
Downtown Blue Ridge, GA
I know I’ve got some funny pics, but for some reason, I can’t seem to remember what they are. So I chose this one of my younger son, Alex, and my niece, who’s facial expression cracks me up every time I look at this.

4. Winter Wonderland
This was taken in January Ice Storm.

5. Birthday
13th Birthday
He became a Teenager in 2011!

6. Friends
These are our friends, the S family. I had so much fun taking their pics in 2011.

7. I Was Inspired…
105/365.2011 {Vintage Coke Bottles}
I love the way this Vintage Action I used transformed this picture.

8. Spring Fever
104/365.2011 {Vintage Flower}
Signs of Spring makes it hard not to yearn for the season!

9. Travel or Vacation
Lake Winfield Scott
Camp Out with Cub Scouts and lake Winfield Scott

10. Summer Days
End of the Season Party {Baseball}
Swimming party with his baseball team

11. A Day In My Life
thanksgivingcousins2011 - 26
Craziness per the usual day in my life! 🙂

12. All Smiles
206/365.2011 {Braces}
This picture makes me smile for obvious reasons. I’m happy that we are able to put braces on Drew. Just in the few months he’s had his braces we’ve seen his teeth straighten out. He’s got overbite/crossbite issues that is what will take longer.

13. Autumn Harvest
Fall Leaves 2011 - 32
We had great Fall colors this year.

14. Family or Home
Part of my family relaxing at home.

15. Celebrate!
1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}
Auburn’s Tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner after a win was even more magnificent after Auburn’s National Championship win over Oregon.

16. Let’s Do It Again…
Yah, I wouldn’t mind another National Championship at Auburn University

17. I Miss You
Having breakfast
I obviously didn’t take this picture and of course, it wasn’t taken this year, but my Grandmother pictured here with me passed away this year and I do miss her.

18. Beautiful
56/365.2011 {Beautiful Skies}
Beautiful skies

19. Dress Up
Saucer Halloween Party 2011

20. Macro
217/365.2011 {Mushroom [Fisheye]}
Spiky Mushroom Top

21. Holidays
DaisyChristmas2011 - 12
Loved that I was able to capture Daisy relaxing in front of the Christmas Tree.

22. My Favorite
A different view of Samford Hall

23. Don’t Ever Change
100/365.2011 {Daisy in the Fields}
I love Corgi ears. They are iconic for those that are so fond of Corgis like we are. I love this picture for everything that it is.

24. Just Because…
Scout Expo
Love this pic of Aubie using an ax at the Scout Expo

25. Hopes and Dreams
43/365.2011 {Nature's Heart}
My hopes and dreams this year is to be healthier, be happy, and laugh a lot!

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  1. Cedar

    Lots of fun shots here! I love coke…and vintagefied even better! The macro shot and the last one are both quite beautiful!

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