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By | June 9, 2023

Here are for another quick set of wedding pics! I know you’re so excited! 😉

These are family pics (mainly Drew’s side of the family) as well as pictures of Drew and Caitlyn in front of church, in downtown, and on Samford Lawn on campus.

Here’s my mother-in-law with all of my nieces and nephews from my sis-in-law who lives here in Auburn.

Family 0656

Family 0623

Family 0618e

Family 0652e

Rob’s parents (mom and step dad on left); (step mom and dad on right). Here’s something to trip your brain up. mom and dad of course were married, but also step mom and step dad used to be married to each other!!

Family 0619

My mom couldn’t make it to the wedding. 🙁

Everyone from our family (Groom side)

Family 0612e

The flower girl, Drew’s cousin


Family Black and White 0675ee


Family 0614ee

Ring bearer, Drew’s cousin

Family BW  0716

The married couple!




Bride + Groom 0783

Bride + Groom 0782

Bride + Groom 0784

Wedding – Getting Ready
Wedding – Bridal Party
Wedding – Ceremony
Week 8 – Wedding Week

2 thoughts on “Wedding::Family & Couple

  1. Joanne

    Such lovely family photos! My husband’s grandmother (from his mom’s side of the family) couldn’t make it to our wedding. She ended up in the hospital so we made a special stop on our way home in all our wedding finery to say Hi and bring her the corsage we had ordered for her.


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