Carnival Glory:Day 13 & 14:Days at Sea

By | June 10, 2023

Finally posting about our last 2 days on our back to back cruise on the Carnival Glory.

As our ship made its way back over to New Orleans, we just did lot of relaxing.

And eating… Enjoying our last days of not having to cook!

We wanted to go play mini-golf. However, the ship’s shipment of golf balls didn’t come into the latest port, so they didn’t have any. If only we were able to grab that used golf simulator for sale, then at least we would still be able to play golf while aboard the ship.

Rob was always excited on the days when they had strawberry yogurt in the machines.

That night was a Rock & Glow party. We decided that night that we should suggest these for Drew’s reception.

The next day we decided to have pool time. We had not actually been in the pool the entire 2 weeks and when we went for breakfast on Lido, we saw there were tons of chairs available right around the pool.

We enjoyed people watching as well as watching the pool games put on by the Fun Squad and our cruise director (pictured below). They played a decades music game that was fun to holler out the names of the songs/artist.

Best cruise director, we’ve ever had!

That evening instead of going to the regular dinner, we had booked the Chef’s table, which you have to pay out of pocket for. However, I highly recommend everyone do it at least once. It’s quite an experience. Here’s some pics from that.

Here we are with the head chef

We went to the show for the last time on this cruise and enjoyed our 2 free drinks!

The next morning we were off the ship and in our car by 10am. Here are leaving, going over the bridge, and we spotted our ship.

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