Week 8::2023 – Wedding Week

By | March 8, 2023

Wedding Week!!! February 20-26, 2023

Wedding week was busy, of course. I didn’t really take pictures early in the week. However, I did share old pics of Drew on FB.


Facebook post 2/19/2023

Facebook post 2/20/2023

Facebook post 2/21/2023
WednesdayRead about here.

ThursdayRead about here.

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Facebook post 2/24/2023
Saturday – Wedding Day!

Facebook post 2/25/2023
No rest for the weary. After the reception at the banquet room was over, we had to get everything wedding out of that room and ready for a Men’s breakfast that was taking place at 7am on Sunday. So thankful for many of our friends and family that not only stayed for their send off, but also to stay even longer to help us clean. There is a large closet off of the reception room so we took most of the stuff, boxed it up, and put it in there. We didn’t have to remove any table or anything. We just had to move a few around for serving tables. We did have to get the kitchen cleaned up, but luckily my students I had hired had done most of that. They bussed tables and washed all the dishes, which was huge.

Rob and I got up and went over to the church a little after 8:30am and started pulling everything out of the closet and loading my car full of stuff.

I texted the matron of honor, to make sure that the girls’ AirBnB was good to go. She had done everything on the checklist, so we were so thankful for that. We still had to go over to the guys’ AirBnB and get it ready. I snapped this shot of the living room.

2023-02-26 10.08.13
After that we met my sister, Nikki and her husband, Chris, as well as my Uncle Brad and his wife, LeeAnn for lunch at Niffer’s. We had a nice time visiting and then they came to the church and helped us load the rest of the stuff and brought it back to our house to help us unload it all. They hung out with us until they started having to make their way back home. Rob and I ran all the gifts over to Drew & Caitlyn’s as well as some other random stuff that we collected from the church.

Man! What a week! So glad I took Monday off 🙂

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