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Here’s another wedding post…This time from the ceremony.

One of the photographers peaked through the partition to hide the bride from the groom in the Narthex of the church.

Ceremony 0398

Time for it to start!



Our turn!

Ceremony 0404e

Bridal party




Brother Charles

Ceremony 0408


Ceremony 0409

Ring bearer and flower girl. Drew’s cousins


Bride and her dad

Ceremony 0425

Ceremony BW 0423

So emotional when seeing his bride. The most beautiful ugly cry I’ve ever seen.

I cropped in on this to see little brother comforting big brother. So sweet.

Ceremony 0422c

“Look out and see all the people who are here to support you not only on this big day, but in your marriage years to come.”

Ceremony 0435


Ceremony 0448

Serving communion to the bridal party
Ceremony 0450

About to serve everyone communion

Ceremony 0455

Ceremony 0446

Reading vows

Ceremony 0442

Ceremony 0430

“You may kiss your bride!”


Ceremony 0463


Ceremony 0483

Ceremony 0487e


Sticking with tradition of little brother picking up big brother

Ceremony 0496

Wedding – Getting Ready
Wedding – Bridal Party
Week 8 – Wedding Week

4 thoughts on “Wedding::Ceremony

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Beautiful. Those are terrific photos of this very special day. The bride and her gown are so pretty. And you look a-mazing!! Thank you for sharing this with us. I love that the pastor invited the kids to look out at the chapel full of people there who were celebrating the bride and groom on the event of their wedding. But maybe more importantly there to support them throughout their married life.


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