The Weekly [11.15-21.2020]

By | November 23, 2020

Happy Turkey day week, yall! I can’t believe its the holiday season already! I’ve got 2 very busy days ahead before being off for the rest of the week starting Wednesday. I am so ready!


Kayleigh sheds more than any corgi we’ve had, I think. I’ve been trying to brush her every other day, but last week was crazy and I didn’t get to it. You can see this large ball of hair that I got off her. Her nails also grow extremely fast. We use a Dremel to file her nails. That’s what her previous owners used. Highly recommend it. I usually brush and file at the same time to keep both her nails shorter and shedding to a minimum. She gets rewarded with a dog cookie when were done.

2020-11-21 10.42.43-1-1

Walmart seems to be upping their game in many area including their candles! Look at this cute candle.

2020-11-21 15.04.30

Speaking of Walmart, I got a new sleep shirt. I always wear my sleep shirts to point of holiness practically. I thought this penguin night shirt was too cute. You can’t beat $7 and it is so soft.

2020-11-18 19.45.37

Alex worked on Saturday. During his shift he worked toast and fries. Rob and I went and got take out. Doesn’t the toast look perfect? He makes really good toast! And they were so busy because of Auburn University home football game that he had help with fries.

2020-11-21 13.25.24

Alex and Rob went to the AU/TN game Saturday. Great to see them sharing this together.

2020-11-21 15.44.32

I also need to show you my fall decor since I went from Halloween to Thanksgiving, but I want to get my camera out for those.

This last week started off a bit stressful. Being a parent can be difficult at times. I feel like God’s timing is perfect for things to happen though. I know I’m being vague, but I’m not going to air my kid’s dirty laundry for the world to read. Maybe I shouldn’t even bring it up, but I do want to look back and remember. It’s nothing super serious. Just somewhat normal-ish teenage things.

I’ve also been stressed at work. The end of the semester is hiring time for me for the beginning of the next semester. Usually in the Fall, I do interviews between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’m sure I’ll have to do a few next week. However, our hiring process changed last semester and in order to get my new students in here the weekday before classes start I’ve got to jump through several extra hoops to make this happen. It’s also not helpful that the university made spring class registration go so late.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly [11.15-21.2020]

    1. Lysha Post author

      Thanks! Oh there’s not many places better for chicken fingers, especially for the price than Foosackley’s. Too bad they are currently only in Alabama and Florida.

  1. Tanya

    Walmart has definitely been upping their game with the candles and decor. Love the nightshirt too. I’m sorry to hear about the teen troubles. I know how that goes, and even the smallest issues can feel overwhelming at times. Happy Thanksgiving!

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