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Friday’s Favorite App: Urbanspoon

By | September 28, 2009

by: Wanderspot Category: Social Networking Urbanspoon by: Wanderspot, LLC Category: Travel Released: November 2008 Size: 0.6 MB Out of town and don’t know where to eat? Well, the Urbanspoon takes care of that for ya! All you have to do is shake your iPod/iPhone and the Urbanspoon “slot machine” will pick something for you. Feeling… Read More »

Life Happening

By | September 24, 2009

You’ll probably see more random entries, because I just feel like I’m not documenting my life. And with all the stresses, I just don’t see how I’ll remember all this. In fact, I’m upset that I haven’t documented more the last couple of years. Oh well…I never said I was a great writer, or that… Read More »

Friday’s Favorite App: Touch Bible LE

By | September 18, 2009

Touch Bible LE by: Patrick Franklin Category: Reference Released: November 2008 Size: 26.7 MB I love this because instead of lugging my bible to church, I’m able to be able to access the entire bible without having WiFi. Since I have an iPod touch, I don’t have the luxury that iPhone users have. So the… Read More »


By | September 16, 2009

Last weekend we had 2 sets of visitors. Drew was very excited to see his good friend, who moved 3 years ago. They haven’t seen each other that entire time, so it was such a great reunion for the boys. It seemed that they picked up right where they left off. Here’s a few pics.

Friday’s Favorite App: Zenbe Lists

By | September 11, 2009

Zenbe Lists by: Robert Kieffer Category: Productivity Released: October 2008 Size: 0.2 MB *Note: This was free I downloaded it. It appears now that it’s not. I apologize for that, but I was nearly done writing this when I noticed that. Zenbe.com came out in 2008 and I think I must have started using it… Read More »

Friday’s Favorite App: Unblock Me

By | September 4, 2009

I just think it is awesome that there are FREE applications for iPhones & iPods. Better yet they are 1,000’s to choose from! I’ve found some that I just couldn’t live without. I’ve decided to write a weekly post every Friday to feature my favorite free iPod/iPhone application. Unblock Me FREE by: Kiragames Category: Games… Read More »