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By | September 24, 2009

You’ll probably see more random entries, because I just feel like I’m not documenting my life. And with all the stresses, I just don’t see how I’ll remember all this. In fact, I’m upset that I haven’t documented more the last couple of years. Oh well…I never said I was a great writer, or that my stuff is even interesting.

So anyway, I’ve been substitute teaching more the last couple weeks. Up until today, I had subbed 8 straight days, which is good since I’m not getting any compensation any more. I’m hoping and praying that I can continue to work pretty much every day, at least until I find something more permanent.

I still teach music twice a week at a local day care. Not sure if I ever shared that with yall, but I’ve been doing that for a year now. It was something good to get me out of the house and to have something on my resume. In the last year, I’ve pretty much checked out all the music related books at the public library. Living in a college town really has a lot of perks, but you don’t realize how nice it is until you do. Of course, as a student you’re all in the midst of it all, but you don’t see it from a normal working citizen. At least when I was in college, I felt like I lived in a bubble. Anyway, my point being that just down the street is one of the largest libraries in the state, thanks to Auburn University! Several times in the past I’ve thought about getting an alumni card so that I can check out books at the AU library. This week I finally took the steps to do it. I feel so official with an alumni card, which looks like a student ID. WOW! If that doesn’t bring back memories.

So today I headed over to campus to use my card and check out books, so I could write my music plans for next week. Anyone who lives here or in a college town probably knows what a pain in the tail it is to park anywhere near campus! I usually just park in the library parking deck illegally and pray I don’t get a ticket for not have a (B) parking tag, but can you believe they PAY someone to stand at the entry to the lot??? I was shocked, but even more perturbed! So I drove around trying to find Duncan Street so I could get a visitor pass. Couldn’t remember where that is, so I ended up parking in the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center parking lot. All the places around campus have huge signs saying TOW AWAY ZONE. I parked there and prayed that I could get done fast enough that my car would still be there when I got back.

Going up the 3rd floor to the juvenile section brought back lots of memories. I was able to grab a few books and run. I plan to go back after business hours so I park in the parking deck and not have to worry about getting a ticket or being towed. I could spend hours in that library.

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