Thinking of Christmas

By | December 5, 2008

I’m still in awe that it’s the Christmas season. A couple days ago Rob pulled down all the Christmas stuff. It’s amazing how our stuff seems to multiply every year. So today I did some cleaning and put out all the Christmas stuff out. It’s always a walk down memory lane as I unwrap all my stuff. I plan to taking a camera tour of all the Christmas stuff and tell the memories I have of each thing.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree and bring it home and decorate it. Every year when we decorate the tree it’s bitter sweet. My Granddad absolutely loved Christmas and I think of him a great deal during Christmas time and especially when we’re decorating the tree. He was such a giver. Granddad loved to go shopping even when it wasn’t Christmas. He was the one who always took me school clothes shopping. Granddad has been gone for 9 and half years, which in so many ways, it doesn’t seem that long. I wish he could have met Alex.

My Grandfather and me at Christmas

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