Christmas Decor – Part 3

By | December 24, 2008

This edition of my Christmas Decor showcases my Auburn decorations.

This is an Auburn candy cane, which I keep hanging on the microwave stand year round! I guess I should put it on the Christmas tree, but I just never moved him from his normal spot! This was given to us by a coworker of Rob’s who’s son is into glass working. I love it!

Christmas Decorations

My Millenium Auburn Santa that Rob gave me and I absolutely LOVE it! I keep it out year round. Although last year he got put away. 🙁

Christmas Decorations

The first year I was in Auburn, Rob and I went out and bought some Christmas decorations to go with stuff my Grandparents mailed us. This was one very special ornament that we found. War Eagle!

Christmas Pics

Rob’s Dad and Step Mom gave us this one Christmas. We love adding new ornaments to the tree each year.

Christmas Pics

Aubie is so cool! This was a stocking stuffer that Santa left one year. Another favorite of mine.

Aubie Ornament

Here’s the newest one I guess. Looks like we got it 2004, a very special year in Auburn football history.

Auburn Ornament

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