Monthly Digest – June 2023

By | June 30, 2023



Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up.
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25 – Texas Trip

Loving some new podcasts that I’ll share at some point.

Happy to finally have all the details booked for our trip in July. Just finished that last night! It’s been a bit of a struggle.

Excited to see tomatoes starting to ripen. Hoping the bugs don’t get to them first!

Reminiscing End of June (connected with 4th of July) is often when we take a short and sometimes long family trip. Sometimes we go with extended family. I’m just thinking back to many of those memories. Actually that just reminded me that during our trip last year, family was asking about different trips, so that spurred me to make a page with all of our 4th of July trips to collect all the details and all the posts so they could refer back to them if they wanted. 4th of July Trips

Social I chatted with my friend that works at the eye doctor both times I went there this month.

Work Memories One of my staff members that I supervise put in her notice, so I’ll be busy trying to get a position filled. Everything moves so slowly with hiring at the university. It drives me crazy.

Lesson Learned I always knew my sister would be an amazing mom, but I got to see her doing it.

Current Project I am redoing the wall hangings in the front (dining) room. I need to figure out what frames and photos I need and get all that ordered and hung. Then, I need to finish the upstairs hallway.

Drew was a groomsmen for his good friend Kyle’s wedding. Caitlyn was also in that wedding.

Alex is working completely at Vintage 2298, which is still a fairly new restaurant that serves beautifully curated meals that use farm-to-table ingredients in a fine dining experience. This is one of the most expensive restaurants in Auburn, so there’s a much higher standard. It’s actually where we took Drew for his birthday earlier this year.

Rob spent the beginning of the month in Texas with his Dad.

Most remembered Getting to see Baby Lu!

Wearing Lots of shorts and tshirts because it has been dang hot!

This Weekend We’re going to hang out at the lake with some of our friends.

Looking Forward to Next Month We have a trip coming up in July that I’m super excited about.


Eating Still doing my best to do the low carb thing.

Favorite Drew and Caitlyn’s meal was my favorite!

2023-06-24 20.33.08


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately.

Watching & Listening Post
Favorite Pic I took a bunch of pics of this baby, but this is one of my favs.

Look back at last month.


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2 thoughts on “Monthly Digest – June 2023

  1. Tanya

    I loved reading about your trip to Texas in the other post, and that picture of baby Lu is precious! I haven’t heard of Vintage 2298…sounds fancy! I’m looking forward to hearing about your July trip.

  2. Joanne

    Aw, that baby photo is precious! I bet it was hard to pick just one favorite.


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